Once you’ve been diagnosed with a hernia, getting back to normal can become difficult. The irritation of having your hernia flare up can create obstacles that interfere with your day-to-day life, so knowing ways to combat your hernia becomes crucial. Without the knowledge of how to do so, however, getting back to normal can become difficult. To get you started on a path back to a healthier, more hernia-pain-free life, here are nine life-changing habits for hernia sufferers you can use: 

1. Eating Smaller Meals

Eating smaller portions, spread throughout the day, allows your stomach to more easily digest the food you eat. If you’re suffering from a hernia, this lighter digestion routine will significantly improve your mood every day, and lower the pain you experience in a major way. Grazing can help make meals easier, and the smaller portions you’ll be eating can help you lose weight as well, so give this life-changing habit some serious consideration. 

2. Regular Medical Checkups 

Knowing what state your hernia is actually in is crucial to keeping it under control. If you wait until your hernia is at a severe state of irritation or inflammation, not only will you be in severe pain, but the healing process will take much longer. Leaving a hernia untreated can also lead to severe medical consequences, so scheduling regular medical checkups with your doctor is a must-do if you find yourself living with a bothersome hernia. 

3. Adjusted Exercise Routines 

Exercise can become irritating to your hernia if you do not make the proper adjustments to your routines. Overly strenuous weight lifting and excessive cardio can both quickly inflame and irritate your hernia to a dangerous extent. To stay healthy and pain-free, doing lighter free-weight exercises, light cardio, swimming, and hiking are all recommended. Your body and mind will thank you for the important change. 

4. Focusing on Your Stomach

Speaking of your stomach, knowing what to put in there after you’ve gained a hernia is crucial to treating the problem, and keeping your hernia under control. Avoiding excessively high-fat foods, extra-spicy meals and super-large portions is a must-do. Many of these steps will revolve around your diet after all. Beyond your diet, however, simply keeping up with how your stomach feels day to day, and keeping a log of how it’s reacting to daily activities, can be incredibly helpful when you’re discussing how to treat and manage your hernia with your doctor. If you’ve been prescribed a hernia mesh, but find yourself having issues with it that lead to serious complications, be sure to reach out to legal help that can get you the restitution you deserve.  

5. Stop Smoking

Smoking is one of the absolute worst habits you can have while you’ve got a hernia. Not only will it weaken your immune system, but the smoke itself will almost certainly inflame your hernia regularly. The health benefits of stopping the habit will be incredibly beneficial to your hernia treatment as well. If you’re struggling with stopping this habit, finding a support group that can help you through the difficult process of quitting is highly recommended. 

6. Kicking Caffeine 

Few drugs are quite as addictive as caffeine, and a large majority of Americans find themselves struggling to avoid this addiction. However, when you’ve developed a hernia, you should do everything in your power to avoid caffeine, or at least severely cut down on your current usage. Doing so will significantly help your dieting efforts, and remove one more irritation to your hernia from your daily routine. 

7. Go Nuts for Nuts

Nuts and other high-fiber foods are wonderful for those suffering from hernias. The rich nutrients within them, and their non-irritating nature combine to make them one of the best sources of hernia-friendly protein out there. The sheer variety of dishes, snacks, and desserts you can craft using nuts is important to highlight as well. Nuts are a great addition to any grazers diet, so if you’re adjusting your meals to be smaller in portion, and more spread apart, going nuts for nuts is a must!

8. Knowing When to Schedule Your Meals

Jumping into a grazing-style diet can be difficult. To avoid an overly rough transition, consider laying out a concrete schedule for your meals each day. Preparing meals ahead of time is a great time-saver, and can provide that much more supporting documentation for you and your doctor to look over when discussing your continuing hernia treatment. 

9. Drinking Less Alcohol 

Just like smoking, alcohol is bad news for hernia sufferers. Especially if you drink excessively or often, the consequences it can have for the state of your hernia are harsh. Once again, this habit can be hard to adjust, especially if you find yourself struggling with addiction. However, there are many amazing support groups out there, so consider cutting this habit out of your life for good to help both your mental health and your hernia. 

Here’s to a Healthy Recovery

Not only will these nine lifestyle changes help you lead a more comfortable life while having a hernia, but they will also speed up your recovery in a major way. By implementing the steps in this article, you’ll be well on your way to taking back your old day-to-day habits and feeling 100% amazing.