A nightie is a nightgown for women. It’s often worn in the evening but can also be worn to sleep in. Nighties in NZ are usually made from cotton or silk and have elasticised waists and cuffs for comfort.

Uses of Nighties

Some women wear them for both sleeping and daywear. Some women also wear their nighties over their pyjamas!

The basic idea behind nighties is to move around comfortably at night.

Nighties are the perfect solution for people who want to move around at night without waking up their partner. They’re comfortable, easy to wear, wash, and store in a drawer or closet. Nighties in New Zealand can also be used while travelling by simply rolling them up into a tube shape, so they take up less space than conventional clothing.

At one time, they were a way to avoid having to put clothes on during the daytime.

They were also a way to prevent putting clothes on during the day because they were more comfortable than regular clothes.

In the old days, they were used as makeshift pyjamas because dresses didn’t have sleeves.

In the old days, women wore nighties in NZ as makeshift pyjamas. Nightgowns were comfortable and easy to put on. They didn’t have sleeves because dresses didn’t have sleeves—therefore, it was easier for you to slip on your nightie without taking off all your clothes!

Even in modern times, many people continue to use them that way in New Zealand.

It’s not uncommon for someone who has just woken up from a long night’s sleep to find themselves still wearing their nightie at noon.

Nighties are an easy way to get extra sleep when you’re tired and don’t want to put clothes on during the day. They can also be used as an alternative form of dressing up (or down) when you don’t want your clothes getting wrinkled or dirty while they’re hanging around out of sight in your closet after being worn throughout the week—this is especially true if there’s no air conditioning in your home!

Women in New Zealand feel that nighties are an excellent way to get extra sleep if you’re having trouble getting enough during the day. They’re comfortable, easy to wear and remove, wash, dry, and store (and even travel with) – so there’s no excuse not to try one!

They’re easy to wear and don’t get tangled up.

The best part about wearing a nightie is that it’s easy to wear and doesn’t get tangled up. You can move around quickly without worrying about getting stuck, and the material is soft enough that you won’t feel uncomfortable once in bed.

Some people prefer wearing nightshirts because they’re more comfortable than regular sleepwear; others like them because they look cute! Regardless of why you choose this style of clothing over another type of pyjamas (like boxers), there are some things you should know before buying one for yourself in New Zealand:

  • They’re easy enough for anyone—even kids! Just slip one on over whatever clothes are currently being worn each morning/afternoon/evening; no need for complicated dressing rituals here; just put on something comfortable & appropriate for sleeping purposes only.
  • They don’t require special care beyond washing occasionally–no ironing necessary either, even if someone were allergic anyway? It may be best not to have anything ironed at all.