During the early days of COVID-19, many compliant citizens were encountered, with everyone doing their best to assist the government and health agencies in keeping them safe, https://btc-newstrader.com/. As time passed, propaganda grew, which is not a surprising development given the different strains of the virus and the release of different vaccines, as well as the fact that doctors tell you that even if you take the vaccine, it is not guaranteed that you will not contract coronavirus or one of its strains, the most recent being the Omicron variant. It’s especially difficult to control people who are scared, anxious, or distrustful. We all thought the world was ending at some point during the lockdown and broke out over minor issues, but now that we don’t see people dying on the streets, we want to believe that those days are behind us and the government is just making unnecessary rules. That is the stance of the anti-vax group, which would prefer to be called the anti-mandate group because the country was founded on liberty, and the government’s mandate to wear masks and take vaccines slaps everyone in the face.

The growing anti-vaccine movement in the United States is part of a global effort. Speakers from Israel and the United Kingdom spoke at the rally in Washington, DC, and they frequently mentioned lockdown measures and mandates in other countries. The “defeat the mandate” rally was timed to coincide with global anti-vaccine protests organized by a German organization under the banner “World Wide Rally for Freedom.” These events have frequently resulted in violence, such as on January 23, when protesters in Brussels clashed with police. It’s unclear what role cryptocurrency will play in this, but I sense a group of like-minded anti-vaxxers with similar interests making a move to establish a home for themselves. 

Is seclusion the solution? Continue reading to find out what this crypto-loving anti-vax group is up to.

Anti-vaxxers are forming a community that is independent of “meddling bureaucracy.” Ex-Pfizer executive Michael Yeadon, who is credited with popularising claims that the vaccine causes infertility in women, is claiming to be building a Zanzibar resort for conspiracy theorists and like-minded crypto enthusiasts. He is one of the most well-known “anti-vax superspreaders” in the world. The luxury resort will be reserved solely for anti-vaxxers. According to Liberty Places, a Zanzibar real estate firm, it will ensure that their freedom estate is surrounded by the most genuine and emphatic liberal neighbors anyone could hope for. On January 16, a Zanzibar real estate company based on the archipelago Zanzibar – liberty places – tweeted their support for the anti-vax movement. “Despite our view, this morning, knowing that testing, masks, lockdowns, and social distancing are now a structural norm in Europe and will return every year of your life is ample reason to plan an exit,” the tweet said. The real estate group previously stated on social media that it intends to use cutting-edge technologies ranging from blockchain to solar energy in the proposed paradise.

They are constructing a community off the coast of Southeastern Africa that is intended to serve as a haven for anti-vaxxers who are also interested in crypto and blockchain. To be honest, this could be a business retreat or a public relations study for a real estate firm. Whichever one it is, several Americans will be going to Africa, and with such a large crowd to care for, they will require a significant amount of funding. In 2020, AmazonSmile donated more than $40,000 to anti-vaccine organizations. The retail company believes that customers should be given the option of choosing which cause to support, and this is the viewpoint of the anti-vax group, who hold placards that read, “when there is a risk, there must be a choice.”

Zanzibar is a partly governing state in Tanzania and so not an independent country. Tanzania’s central bank outlawed cryptocurrencies in November 2019, but it is allegedly considering revising that decision in response to President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s request that the central bank open a vault for Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital assets. The state is also intending to develop a digital shilling, as neighboring countries have launched steps to examine central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).