Whether you’re looking to open a new health fitness club or expand an existing one, here are some of the top qualities that customers look for. These qualities include service quality, program innovation, and personal trainers. While it may be difficult to change behaviour, you can always improve the customer experience. By following the principles mentioned above, you can improve retention rates significantly. Read on for more information!

Service quality

The health and fitness industry continues to face the challenge of customer retention, and service quality directly impacts customer retention. Managing service quality effectively can improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth, among other benefits. A service quality measure should be based on actual experiences rather than on expectations. If the expectations of health club members are not aligned with reality, then the definition of service quality is meaningless.


If you’re planning to join a health fitness club, you need to know all of its facilities. It should be comfortable to use and offer some level of security, and orientations must be frequent and should include general safety principles.

Health and fitness clubs often include other amenities and sports equipment. Most health clubs have staff who can devise customized workout and nutrition plans for their members. Personal trainers also help their members stay on track with their workouts and monitor their progress. 

Program innovation

While the traditional factors of customer satisfaction, such as facility function and program quality, continue to play a role in the overall health and fitness club experience, consumers are becoming more sophisticated in their expectations and are increasingly correlated with program innovation. Digital technology has facilitated better consumer communication, and consumers have become savvier about what they want from their fitness clubs.

Program innovation enables health clubs to make their operations more profitable. Often, the objective is to increase profitability by introducing new products and services. Program innovation does not have to be revolutionary; it can be as small as a new pricing system or partnership with adjacent companies. Instead of focusing on drastic changes, health clubs can focus on making incremental changes that improve the customer experience.

Personal trainers

One of the best things you can do for your fitness routine is to find a personal trainer. Having a trainer will push you to be better at your exercise routine, whether squat jumps, sit-ups, or burpees. A personal trainer will also be able to identify any problems you’re having with your form, and they will be able to help you find the best exercises to reach your fitness goals.

A good trainer will be patient with clients. They’ll have a positive attitude and motivate them to reach their goals. They’ll also be able to keep them motivated even when they fall off the wagon. They’ll have a good understanding of their client’s personality and health needs. 

A personal trainer should be knowledgeable about the latest fitness trends and techniques. It would help if you also had a good sense of what makes a fitness club a great place to exercise. Most customers look for a trainer who’s experienced in your area and comfortable working with people of different backgrounds.

Customer service

A great health club like fitnesscartel.com.au/clubs/maroochydore will provide exceptional customer service. Having a friendly and knowledgeable staff will go a long way in attracting new members and maintaining repeat business. Employees engaged and happy with their jobs will deliver excellent customer service to members. Here are some things to keep in mind:

A great health fitness club should take action after a customer complaint to make it right. After all, it is your brand and your members’ trust in you. Taking action to make up for a service mistake is essential to building trust with customers and regaining consumer loyalty. 

Great customer service begins with a warm welcome. The staff should be friendly and approachable, using polite and open body language to make every customer feel welcome. Although customer service can be rewarding, even the best representatives can become overwhelmed with high call volumes and difficult customers. Managing stress is crucial for customer service teams, as different people respond differently to stress. The best customer service teams will recognize when they cannot help and resolve their problems without further trouble.