Do you edit videos and are on a budget? Can you find a laptop that does the job well while remaining in your price range? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Because if you’re looking for the best laptop for video editing under $700, we can help you with that.

Yes, video editing is difficult, no doubt about it.However, with the hot new laptop components, making edits is now easier than it has been in the past. Many high-performance and high-quality laptops are released each year. Make certain that you do not choose the first one you come across on the market. is possible to perform most of your editing tasks on a laptop with a nice display, a powerful processor, and a decent graphics card.

The 3 Best Laptops for Video Editing under $700

Acer Aspire 5

The Acer Aspire 5 is our  number one budget-friendly recommendation for video editing.

The body of the Acer Aspire 5 consists of a smooth, matte plastic surface. When you handle the keyboard deck, the lid bends quite a bit and rattles. However, the body rigidity is similar to that of most low-cost laptops.

There is a hinge to swing the lid open 180 degrees. The 15.6-inch display provides good image quality with good contrast, colour reproduction, and brightness levels. It also has a touchpad fingerprint scanner and a backlit keyboard.

This new laptop has an Intel Core i5 10th Gen CPU that is more than powerful enough for CPU-intensive tasks such as video editing.

The 48Whr battery will last for approximately  more than 7 hours of continuous use. 8GB of RAM is expandable, and 256GB of SSD storage is included for storage. Additionally, it comes with several I/O options, including USB Type-C 3.1 and WiFi 6. That’s why this is our top choice as the best laptop for video editing under $700.

Asus VivoBook 15 F512

This is our second best recommendation.. Based on our research, we believe the Asus VivoBook 15 may be the best laptop for budget video editing. Not bad build quality at all. And a spectacular showing that absolutely takes on some top-notch competitors. The body has a refreshed modern look with a sleek plastic design and a 15.6-inch screen, making this a perfect video editing device. The LED-backlit display has a Full HD (1920 x 1080p) resolution for sharp, vivid pics.

But the issue is with battery life. It has a 2-cell, 37Whr battery that only performs for about 6 hours. That’s why we made it runner up as the best laptop for video editing under $700.

HP 14

Our choice number three is HP 14. When it comes to running a video editing program smoothly, the HP 14 excels. It also has 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD drive for storing processed footage and transferring it faster within the system at up to 85 MB per second.

It has a powerful 10th generation core-i3 processor, a very comfortable keyboard, and a visually appealing 1366X768 display. It consists of a 14-inch display and a relatively disappointing battery life of about 4 hours. The display size is not very suitable for video editors. You need to be near a power outlet if you need to finish your project. Though , it’s one of the best laptops for video editing. You may also want to see: Best Screen Recorder Windows 10 for HP laptops.

Let’s focus on what you should look for in a laptop you plan on using for video editing.

What you are editing and how you plan to edit it will dictate which laptop is best for video editing. Processing power, storage space, and screen size are critical factors to consider when purchasing a computer for video editing.

●To do a decent job in video editing, you need a laptop with a multi-core Intel i5/i7/i9 processor, preferably with 4 or more processor cores. An Intel Core i7 is the best choice for video editors. It has a hyper threading feature that boosts the performance. A powerful CPU with multiple cores is always used for rendering and other video-related tasks.

●You must be able to clearly see what you create. Right? So, you must have a good screen size ranging from 15 to 21 inches.  If you can afford a larger screen, that would be fantastic.A high resolution is an obvious  requirement.  a Full HD display; that’s 1920 vertical pixels and 1080 horizontal pixels.

 ●For the majority of video content creators, however, a less powerful laptop will do the job. With a few pieces of editing software, 16-32 gb RAM should be enough memory to handle videos up to 4K.With 32GB RAM, you can run multiple programs at the same time while still editing and previewing videos efficiently. If you work with 8K videos or a lot of video editing software, you’ll need at least 64GB.

●Having a good battery will be an added bonus. Because video editing isn’t a one-minute task. 

●Prepare to use a lot of storage space if you’re editing video. As a result, having plenty of storage space is always important. At least have 128GB of storage, and having external hard drives will be helpful.If you don’t have enough storage, it will affect the speed of your device.

●Having a good graphics card is never in vain. You can get a laptop with good graphical power for video editing without spending too much money.

The Bottom Line

If you want to become an editor or an independent creator, you must also choose an appropriate system to perform video editing efficiently. It takes a considerable amount of time and memory to create and edit videos. In order to carry out the editing process, you need a laptop that provides you with the advantages you need. Your editing choices, decisions, and price range must all be in sync. Best Audio and Video Screen Recorder Before Editing. 

The laptops and few basic specifications that you’ll need when buying a laptop for video editing are briefly discussed in this article.We can only hope that by the end of this article, you have obtained all of the information you require. In terms of budget and requirements, the Acer Aspire 5 is the best laptop for video editing under $700.