Customer relationship management software or simply CRM is a pivotal tool for managing the relations between clients and company effectively. It is essential not only for responding to queries or dealing with customers, but also for enhancing brand loyalty and making up a marketing plan. In such a way an appropriate CRM can boost the quality of delivered services and make your product more recognizable and popular. If you find it difficult to define which tool will be the most beneficial for you, visit and get professional help. However, if you are ready to devote your time and energy to searching for the best CRM, this article will help. Our team has made up a list of 5 most popular CRM tools for you to consider. However, remember that there are a lot of them and you can opt for anyone. So, get ready to learn about the 5 best customer relationship management software.

1. Pipedrive

  Pipedrive is considered to be among the simplest software for managing relations with clients. Despite being easy to run, this CRM can boast of sophisticated functions powered by artificial intelligence. It is a perfect software for enterprises that want to get a visual representation of the business matters.

  Pipedrive is a great tool for tracking deals with customers, examining individual emails, calls, and demos from the clients. There is also a mobile version available.

 Another beneficial aspect is that you can try to use a Pipedrive CRM in a testing format for free. The price for a basic plan is $12.50 per month. This package includes some crucial functions, but if you want some sophisticated features, you can opt for a more expensive plan.

2. HubSpot

  HubSpot is one of the most popular CRM software in terms of communication with customers, sales, and marketing issues. This tool can be also used without payment. The basic plan will be enough for the beginners. HubSpot CRM provides quick access to chatbots for analyzing crucial data. Moreover, this tool can boast of integration with more than 300 digital technologies. Due to this HubSpot has numerous sophisticated features for efficient work management. Apart from the free version a person can choose a Starter plan paying nearly $40 per month. The most expensive package will cost you $3,200 per month, but offer a range of advanced features.

3. Zoho CRM

  If you have just started a business or you are running a small company and don’t know how to improve inventory management, Zoho customer relationship management software can help you. Being the best tool for small businesses and start-ups, it is used for running more than 155,000 companies globally. It is a great CRM for conducting sales meetings, organizing webinars, workshops, etc. Zoho system enables immediate access to the reports about critical business operations for their analysis. This tool can also boast of some AI powered features for making well-informed decisions about further development of the company. 

 The basic plan will cost you £12 per month and the premium one –-  £42 per month. The needed package depends on the business objectives.

4. Freshsales

  This CRM tool is a software that offers the best sales features. It is used for managing company-customer relations effectively and easily. Freshsales CRM consists of numerous tools for delivering top-quality services to the clients. Making use of AI, it enables deep analysis of available data and making appropriate business decisions based on it. What’s more, Freshsales also has a mobile version.

  Among the greatest advantages of this CRM software is its price. Any user can make use of a basic plan offering only critical features for free. Other packages vary from $15 to $69 per month.

 5. Close

  Close CRM software is not very popular, because it is relatively new one. However, this tool can be entirely beneficial for you. It has a simple user interface and provides powerful features for tracking deals with the customers and noticing beneficial deals. The Starter package will cost you $25 per month and the most expensive one – $145.