Whether you are in a committed relationship or a newfound friendship, intimacy is necessary for success. Many think intimacy is only important to those planning their wedding or embarking on a serious relationship. However, intimacy can greatly benefit your casual friendships as well! 

What is Intimacy?

According to the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, intimacy is the state of having a close personal relationship with somebody. This can mean anyone; a parent, sibling, friend, significant other, etc. To have intimacy between two people means to be genuine and devoted to each other. For example, two friends can have intimacy if they show feelings of loyalty and care for each other. Another way you can see intimacy is between those in a relationship with significant others. Being close with a sense of privacy and comfort can also be an illustration of intimacy. You can learn more about intimacy and its effect on relationships and friendships with these medically-reviewed articles

Why is Intimacy Important to Relationships?

Intimacy is vital to all relationships, platonic and physical because it binds two people together. By fostering a sense of closeness, you both can have your emotional needs met. Intimacy is also important to relationships because it builds trust and kindness between people. When there is familiarity between people, you can find acceptance and comfort. Everyone needs someone that they can be their true selves around. Intimate relationships allow people to embrace their inner selves and others.

How to Build Intimacy Within Your Friendships

Increase Communication and Listen More

When you increase communication, you are listening and sharing more with one another. Communication can build intimacy within a friendship because it proves that you want to be vulnerable with each other. Paying attention to your friends and understanding their thoughts and feelings is a great way to connect. Communicating is not limited to casual conversation. It can be shown through other ways, as well. Tuff’s Medical Center says that four ways to practice communication are through words, gestures, facial expressions, and touch. 

Take the Time to Learn More About Them

With good communication skills, you can learn to intently listen to your friends. Showing an interest in your friends’ lives and passions can go a long way with intimacy. By taking the time to learn more about them, you are showing that you care about them and the things on their mind. You should have a goal to be respectful and active while learning about your friends’ lives. For example, they may feel uncomfortable sharing parts of their past. To build an intimate relationship, be polite and accepting of their thoughts and feelings.

Build Each Other Up

Another way to build intimacy within a friendship is to build each other up! Building each other up means showing support and encouragement through all of life’s circumstances. As friends, you should help one another through stressful situations and hardships. For instance, if your friend is going through a breakup, you should take the time to point out their good qualities and encourage them to grow more resilient! Building each other up is how friendships grow stronger and more intimate.