Can Dogs Eat Chestnuts? Is it Healthy to My Dog

Can Dogs Eat Chestnuts

Pet owners have a lot of problems. Misconceptions about pet food are common. The dog is the most famous pet ever. Here we talk about a question about dog food. Can dogs eat chestnuts?

Can dogs eat chestnuts?

Before we discuss can dog eat chestnuts? First, we talk about this. Do dogs eat chestnuts?  The short answer is yes. Dogs eat chestnuts. That means if you put this close to a dog’s mouth, it will eat it. What I mean here is dogs stay without any allergies or infection after eating chestnuts. That is a simple thing and that’s not mean it’s good for dogs in any way. 

We learn that next. Please read this till it ends. 

You can prepare chestnuts in different ways. You can roast, toast, or boil them. Also, you can make tasty meals like fire-roasted chestnut caramel cookies and Chestnut Polenta. Your dog has a personal taste just like you. Also, you can give them chestnuts with other ingredients such as salt. But be careful. Human foods not always good for dogs. Animals can even die from eating some human foods.

Now you know dogs can eat chestnuts but just because dogs eat these does not mean they are good for dogs’ health. I know how much you love your pet and I also love my pet. So please We please read this till it ends and make sure you understand this article correctly.

Are chestnuts good for dogs?

No doubt. Chestnut is a nutritious meal. Your dog can get a lot of health benefits by eating chestnuts. 

Chestnut is a higher energy meal

Chestnuts have a higher amount of carbohydrates and fat. This makes them a higher energy meal. A boiled European 100g chestnut has 131 calories. This is a huge amount because even 100g of cooked white rice has 130 calories.

Your dog needs enough energy for its regular activities. Like humans, dogs can have malnutrition and overnutrition. A malnourished dog may not be a pleasure to you. Having enough energy makes your dog more active. Everybody loves active healthy dogs. That is a spiritual healing to your mind.

So to keep your dog healthy feed them with roasted chestnut will help.

omega 3 fatty acids

Chestnuts contain omega 3 fatty acids. In 100g of chestnuts, 2.7g are fats. This fat is one reason for chestnuts being a higher energy meal. Also with omega 3 fatty acids, it gives more health benefits to your dog.

 The benefits of omega-3 fatty acid can depend on your dog’s age. It can help the brain and eye development of puppies. If you have an older dog also improve cognitive function while dealing with canine cognitive dysfunction. These acids can also help to treat canine arthritis and chronic kidney disease

Overall omega 3 fatty acids can give benefits to dogs of all ages.

Potassium-rich and low in sodium

Chestnuts are low in sodium but rich in potassium. 100g of chestnuts have 715mg potassium while it only has 27mg of sodium.  Both of these are causes of health benefits. 

Potassium is important to electrolytes and is vital to the health of your dog. Potassium improves the functioning of electrical charges in the heart, nerves, and muscles of your dog. If it is deficient in this critical mineral you can see that your dog is bored all the time, which is not normal.

Sodium is not very good for dogs. I will explain it below.

Can chestnuts harm dogs?

Yes. Sometimes, especially because of the ignorance of the people. We can list several ways that can chestnuts harm your dog. But keep in mind, there can be other ways.


Like human beings, dogs have allergies too. Chestnuts can be a cause for one of them. If your dog has an allergy you can recognize it by symptoms.

Common symptoms of allergies in dogs are Itchiness, Hives, Swelling of some parts such as the face, ears, lips, eyelids, or earflaps, skin becomes red and inflamed, diarrhea, vomiting, sneezing, Itchy ears, chronic ear infections, eyes become Itchy and runny, constant licking.

Food allergies are not as common among dogs as we think. But make sure your if your dog has such symptoms after eating chestnuts, then don’t give it to them again.

By salt in chestnut foods

Some chestnut preparing ways that I mentioned above have a considerable amount of salt. It is sometimes very harmful to dogs. Veterinaries say dogs should have only a few amounts of salt in their food. 

We use salt to improve the taste of our food and also that gives the stadium amount our body needs. Dogs need some sodium amount too. They naturally need sodium as part of an electrolyte balance and to help balance fluids and keep nerves functioning properly. 

But taking too much salt can because salt poisoning. Vomiting, Diarrhea, Lethargy, Swelling or fluid accumulation, Excessive thirst and urination, and Tremors & seizures are the symptoms. Salt poisoning can even kill your dog.

Eating chestnuts shell

If you give your dog raw chestnuts with the shell it eats it. But there is a problem. The chestnut shell can be poisonous to dogs. This can cause a lot of problems.

Horse chestnut shell contains big amounts of Aesculin. It is poisonous and can even kill the dog if it is eaten raw and also contains a substance that thins the blood. It also makes it harder for fluid to leak out of veins and capillaries. This promotes fluid loss

These can be avoided by preparing and feeding them instead of eating raw. Follow our guidelines when preparing.

How to feed your dog with chestnuts

Do not give raw nuts, no matter how you feed. There are many ways that chestnuts can prepare. We give you how to roast them here.

You need:- 200g of Chestnuts, A knife

How to:-

  1. First, use a sharp paring knife and cut a slit on the rounded side of each chestnut. 
  2. Put the chestnuts on a perforated pan 
  3. Then roast over a fire for 10 to 15 minutes. 
  4. Peel the charred shell and serve.

You can give them to your dog, as usual, you feed it.

What else dogs can eat?

There are many alternative foods for chestnuts. I will tell you a few of them.

Can dogs eat Hazelnuts

Dogs can eat hazelnuts. It is not toxic and safe for dogs. 10 hazelnuts contain around 87 calories. Hazelnuts almost have not sodium but they are rich in potassium. Hazelnuts can easily be prepared. A hazelnut shell can be opened using a nutcracker and can remove the dark skin by placing the nuts on a baking sheet in a single layer and heat up for 10 minutes. You can identify if they prepared by skins begin to split and the kernels turn golden.

Is raw chestnuts good for dogs

If you love your dog please don’t give it raw chestnuts. Chestnut shell is toxic and can poison your dog. So this is a big no. If your dog accidentally eat raw chestnuts, watch for symptoms. Is there any take it to a vetarenian.

Can dogs eat dwarf chestnuts

Yes, Dwarf chestnuts are just a different type chestnut. Like others dwarf chestnuts have good effects and bad effects. If you read our article properly you know it. 

Can dogs eat Peanuts

Yes. Dogs can eat peanuts. In some countries, people eat peanuts raw but in the US that’s rare. They commonly eat peanuts roasted or as peanut butter. The main nutrition in these nuts is fat. This make it higher energy food.

What did you learn from can dogs eat chestnuts?

We covered a long area here. You know how many things about chestnuts are related to dogs. Your question was can dog eat chestnuts?. Not only did we answer that question we also told you many things related to this topic.

So overall dogs can eat chestnuts. They improve the health of your dog. But sometimes it can be harmful. So you should follow our instructions

If you like to know more things like this check our other articles.

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