Do Essential Oils for Autism is an Effective Solution

Essential Oils for Autism

We know, the use of essential oils for autism may do nothing to overcome autistic features. It means since this is a behavioural change, do you think it will work to minimize abnormal behaviours. Often, the suggested treatments include physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychosocial therapy. So, no one will recommend you to practice the treatment protocols with essential oils for the patients who suffer from autism. But, as the parents or adults, who know such babies or toddlers, you can definitely use this kind of home remedies to give them some relaxation effect.

Since it is not a harmful agent and since there are minimal risks for side effects, we often think this may be a good practice. However, still, there are no confirmed study results on this matter. Thus, we can not say this us a perfect solution or this is the last choice for this matter. Hence, you should be wise enough to use this solution while looking after your child with autism.

3 Essential oils for autism and ADHD pain-relieving

Tea tree

No matter whether your baby is having this behavioural problem or not, you may use this oil variety to get to of many kinds of bodily pains. But, actually, it will be a temporary solution. And, its effects will not last more than four to five hours in maximum. So, we suggest you perform a gentle massaging regime once applied. It may help the baby to have some relaxation. At the same time, it may improve the absorption ability through your skin.


This is also one of most recommending oil variety to minimize pains. So, you may use this even for small headaches and backache. However, when it considered autistic patients, you have some challenges with this kind of application. Among those, the patient’s rejection is the main barrier. Actually, the patients suffering from this condition often tend to reject what they do not need. Thus, as the parents, it is good to explain them in advanced to the procedure. However, we do not know whether they identified our explanation or not. Hence, sometimes, there is a high risk to reject the smell of the oil or feeling once the oil applied. So, it may cause to aggravate their anger.


You may know, this is one of a flowering plant which smelled a pleasant odour. So, often, the usage of this oil has limited to relaxation therapies. Did you ever think of using an air refreshing agent with this oil may give some relaxation to your autistic baby? Yes! Sometime. Since it doesn’t contact directly over the skin, they will not reject it unless the odour is unpleasant to them. Actually, it depends on patient factors. We cannot predict the patient’s responsibility until we use the oil for their pains.

Things to share

Yes! Here is one of the most important guides on how to use essential oils for autism and related issues. But, the details given here may vary from patient to patient. Hence, you may try these remedies and observe the responses of child or adult who suffers from this issue. Finally, do not forget to share your ideas with us! We are waiting to see your success. If you’re love our articles, you can read essential oils for neck pain article also. I think it will be get something to your life.

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