Can you freeze bean sprouts? Yes! It is a bit popular question nowadays. Actually, during recent years the world has turned a new page on human activities into an eco-friendly mode. Hence, we can find many kinds of new recommendations everywhere. The use of micro foods is also one such a newer trend in this global village. Actually, the scientists believe the sprouts contain lots of nutrients than the whole bean. So, definitely, you will need one of the best ways to store micro foods?

Yes! Freezing is a nice solution for this case. Actually, there are several ways to store these foods before and after cooking. So, let’s see what is the most recommended steps to have more nutritious outcome.

Can you freeze cooked bean sprouts

Yes! You can. Here, you should have sealed bags to store the cooked samples. So, it will never let the microbes to grow inside this pack. But, actually, there is a bit doubtful fact about the duration you can store these packs even inside the freezer. Often we know, the cooked samples are more prone to allow optimal conditions for microbes due to its nutrients base. At the same time, it is really difficult to seal the sample by removing water. The cooking means tempering or preparing the gravy mixture. Hence, often, there may have water.

Thus, as food consultants, we are not going to recommend the cooked sprouts. But, you may definitely freeze the fresh samples for long. So, when you need to have them, just open a pack and cook those in your own way.

Can you freeze fresh bean sprouts

Definitely, when you follow a few steps in a correct manner you may get an excellent sample of this which can even store for three months. Yes! Here is the way.

First of all, take the needed sample out of the growing bag. Then, if you notice soil you may shake the handful of sprouts until the soil gets away. Next; wash all those under the flowing water for better clean. Now, you have to take two bowls. Keep the first one on your gas oven and activate it. Then, add a three cup of water for this bowl.

Next, take the next bowl and fill it with ice cubes. Once the water reached boiling temperature, put all the cleaned sprouts into it. Then, after keeping the mixture under the water for five to ten minutes, you have to shift it into the cold water bowl. Finally, spread the cold sprouts in a frozen tray for a few minutes or keep those in the freezer. Next, you can prepare to separate a number of packs for later use.

The things to a member

The answer for “can you freeze bean sprouts” may be clear now and all you need is a sample of beans and growth bags as the initial steps. But, keep in mind that it is easy to freeze fresh samples than cooked once to store those for longer.