Neck pain is a common impairment among most of the individuals in this modernist era. Even though there are a few origins behind this, the commonest cause is the impairments in muscles due to excessive and wrong usage. Probably, the increase of laptop, computer and mobile usage has become a major reason for this. Usually, we used to be flexed or bending position to use mobiles. Sometime, this posture may continue for even hours. If you left untreated, it can progress up to severe neurological impairments. Often such conditions end up with surgeries. But, the physiotherapy treatments and some herbal agents may help you to achieve early recovery. The use of essential oils for neck pain has aroused with this need. But, the effects of such herbal agents have proved through later research. So, nowadays, this is a well recognise treatment out of the frame of western medicine.

3 The Best Essential Oils for Neck Pain…

1. Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil

This is a powerful herb with anti-inflammatory properties which can greatly help you to reduce pain. Mostly, this is a kind of trending ingredient in modern pharmaceutical products. But, since all those are coming as balms or tubes of ointments, it is difficult to identify. However, if you carefully observe the label, you will find whether it has included these agents or not. Further, smelling balms is also an effective way to know this fact. So, once you apply this over the area with muscle spasms, it will eventually provide anaesthetic effect and thus it can enhance the pain-relieving effect.

 2. Lavender

Lavender oil

Even though this is known as a variety of soft essential oils, it also has the power to reduce pain and inflammation through some herbal compounds. But, it will not give any powerful effect when you use after mixing with a carrier oil. Thus, the best application method is applying directly over the skin. But, it is better to check for tiny skin irritations such as lacerations before applying to provide further protection while enjoying some relaxation. Thus, you can have a try with this soft qualities to get instant relief with minimum side reactions.

 3. Ginger Oil

Ginger Oil

Yes! This is not a popular remedy for stiff neck. But, actually, it has lots of powerful agents to provide easy and faster relief. So, if you get used to applying this oil daily, you would be able to replace the pills and all other drugs prescribed for this troublesome condition. This is further helpful for muscle relaxation by enhancing the range of motion.

How to use essential oils for Painting Neck?

Simply, there are several ways to apply any kind of oil variety for different painful conditions. However, when it comes to essential oils, you should pay extra attention as it may cause skin irritations such as minor burns. This is due to the powerful natural ingredients concentrated in these oils. But, if you use those in optimal concentration, it will definitely provide excellent pain-relieving effects. So, follow the methods explained in the below lines to have faster relief.

  • Soak the neck with herbal mixture

Here, you just have to mix 10 to 12 drops of essential oil with five millilitres of milk in a well-cleaned basin. Next, you can fill the bathtub with slightly hot water and pour this mixture gently by letting it mix gradually. Now, you may soak the area with muscle tension for about fifteen to twenty minutes. You may continue this for two or three times a day for effective outcomes.

  • Massaging

Often, the neck difficulties arising due to muscle pain can manage with simple massaging techniques. Most people don’t train their necks, neck posture exercises are typically the best solution to correct forward head posture. However, if you have a neurological origin, it is not an effective choice. So, you can get a mixture of any of these oil variety and simply mix it with milk or any daily using oil variety. Next, apply this mixture and gently carry your thumb in circular motions.

  • Compression techniques

You may use any of such oils with either cold water or hot water to apply compression. Actually, it will wonderfully resolve to reduce the spasms with an instant pain relief effect.

The things to remember

 Use of essential oils for neck pain is not a much popular fact as with drugs and pills. But, often people used to use balms and ointments with or without intention in whether these oils are included in those ointments or not. However, once you getting used to reliving pains with pure herbal oils in accordance with the given methods, you will find a real difference and relaxation.


What essential oil is good for neck pain?

There are a number of essential oils recommends for neck pain. Among them peppermint, lavender and ginger are the best oil varies to have faster relief.

Does peppermint help neck pain?

Yes! Definitely. The anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint can alleviate neck pain easily.

What is the best essential oil for pain?

Ginger and peppermint are the best essential oils to have the best pain-relieving effects.

How do I get rid of a cramp in my neck?

Several ways are there to have relief from neck Pain. So, other than the physical therapy the use of essential oils are known as the best treatment option to get rid of cramps.