The Fiverr is an internet money-making platform which is popular worldwide. There are thousands of sellers as well as buyers who like to earn money or service through it. This was first introduced in 2010, nearly eight years back. However, it has become a fast-growing freelance market within a short period of time. This is because of the accurate, and quality services provided by the sellers and the trusted work offers of the buyers. At the moment there are millions of clients in this platform in order to provide the services as well as to buy the services. This is actually a hidden secret among most of the talented persons. Hence, today I thought of providing the details on the registration process and the other requirement that should have in order to become a successful Fiverr seller.

Sell your skills in the marketplace using Fiverr

First of all, you have to create a Fiverr account in order to make money using it. The account setting process is not a complex one, and also it is not a simple one either. You have to be strategic and talented to show your all the skills through your account. I will keep a step by step guide for you to make it simple.

01. Go to the and click on the Join button

Create a Fiverr account

02. Let’s create Fiverr Account using Google Signin option.
Use your E-mail login details to create Fiverr Account

Create a Fiverr account

03. When you create Fiverr Account using Google Signin Option, automatically comes your details here.

If you dont’t like this auto generated Username, just remove that username add it yourself. Try to select username suitable for your service.

Create a Fiverr account

04. Then click on the My profile.

Create a Fiverr account

05. Click on the Create New Gig button to Add your details and complete your profile.

Create a Fiverr account

06. First Name Last Name

07. Add your REAL photo as a profile picture. This is Important.

08. Here you explain yourself. What do you Know?
What’s your talents? Add those are details here.

09. Here you can add the Languages do you know? If you know other Languages otherwise English. You can add here.

Create a Fiverr account

10. Roughly think about your income you expect and just put here.

11. You talents or what do you do as a service? Do you have talents? Just put them all here.

12. Add your education levels.

13. Here you can put the certification you’ve received.

14. Do you have own website. Put URL here.


Create a Fiverr account

15. Now you must verify your E-mail Address. Go to your mail box and check the verification email sent from Fiverr. If you haven’t received the email, you can just click the below CLICK HERE text and get the verification email once again.

16. Now let’s verify the Phone Number.

Create a Fiverr account

17. Just put your Phone Number here. After clicking the Verify by SMS button, you can get the verification code to the phone through the SMS

Create a Fiverr account

18. Type that 4 digits verification code here.


Create a Fiverr account

19. Let’s secure your newly created Fiverr Account. Add the Security Question here.

Create a Fiverr account

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the account creation. If you’ve any doubt, you can watch below video.

How much you can earn by Fiverr per month?

There is no limit of earnings through Fiverr. However, the earnings may depend on the time you spend on Fiverr to complete the orders and accept them and also the range of skills you are having. If you are a skilled person in the digital world, it is not a difficult task to become a millionaire!

The top five qualities you should have before starting Fiverr

You have to have certain specific qualities to be a success in this freelancing platform. Briefly, these are,

  • communication skills
  • the ability to work according to guideline
  • Decision-making skills
  • Maintaining accurate time frame for a particular task
  • Marketing skills

These qualities will sharpen your experience in Fiverr by opening the gateways towards successful earning capacity.

The last lines

This is a brief guide for you to start your journey with Fiverr. Good things will give you later results. But, keep trying is the best life strategy to become a successful person. We are hoping to provide you with more details on gig making and getting orders on Fiverr in upcoming posts.