Before coming into the topic of black seed oil herpes, let’s memorize a bit of history related to the herbal effects of plants. Over the years people used to use varying kinds of natural herbs for bodily conditions. Actually, you may control simple cold attacks to severe stroke or fractures like conditions by using these herbs. Even though we are highly believing the clinically based drugs and pharmaceuticals in this modernist era, we can avail the same or advances benefits as those through herbs as well.

But, unfortunately, most of the people don’t aware of these inclusions. Sometimes, it may be due to lack of time, minimum knowledge on herbal benefits of plant products or inability to prepare the recipes due to lack of ingredients. So, when it comes to herpes, there are also many beneficial plant agents to relieve symptoms. However, we know the herpes is a troublesome condition which even can cause for months of inactivity.

How Does Black Seed Oil Herpes work for Cure?

Yes! Among the so-called natural agents, the black seeds and all other products made with this agent are known as the best solution to overcome herpes. In here, it is very much important to look a bit about the herbal quality of these tiny seeds. Actually, it will help you to understand the connection between those two. Isn’t it?

Even though these blackish coloured tiny seeds are small in size, it contains most of the vitamins, minerals and alkaloids. Further, this is a rich plant product to have enough unsaturated fatty acids which are also known as healthy fat varieties. But, when it comes to minerals and immunity factors, it has a wonderful constitution. That is why it has become a known healer for many conditions including herpes.

Simply, this is a potent source for copper and zinc. Further, it has a rich amount of thymoquinone as well. Actually, this is known as the most powerful agent in black seed oil and hence it is helping to overcome many issues associated with the human body. We believe the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of this compound may be the secret behind its beneficial effects for herpes. But, we know it is really important to identify what is herpes, how it occurs and cured to have further understanding.

What actually Herpes is?

Actually, this is a disease caused by viral attacks. Further, it is known as a difficult to cure with medicines. Hence, people used to let the body to build immunity for the virus inside the cells and cure it naturally. But, actually, there are few practising methods to prevent common symptoms such as elevated body temperature, exacerbation of minor water bubbles and sometimes itching. Often, people have used many other natural things as traditional practice to have some relief for these issues.

However, actually, this is difficult to bear condition. So, often health care workers suggest not to share your personal clothes and not to hug or kiss affected peoples with this virus attacks. At the same time be aware of secondary attacks as it can be a career agent without notable symptoms as mentioned here.

The overall symptoms of this condition general fatigue and feeling of weakness, water bubbles like sores, ruptured and reddish bubbles with physical or mental stresses. Thus, if you notice this kind of difficulties once contact with a victim or once expose to public areas, it is good to be aware. Further, you may use the black seed oil and products as directed in the following lines in these cases.

How to use black seed oil herpes

Actually, still, there is no strict rules, dosages and frequencies of using this herbal agent for herpes. However, the ancient people had their own beliefs on the effect of using it in certain ways. So, recently, most of the researches in worldwide areas have tried to find out the exact truth behind this. Hence, we can find several pappers released under this topic with varying kinds of conclusions. But, still, they could not be able to say the ideal way of having this herb for faster results. You may understand the general idea about this through the following explanation.

A study done in South Arabian country in 2016 has said the effect of this herb is the inhibiting the growth of virus. So, they believe eventually the virus go away from the body without spreading. Hence, you might be able to have faster relief. But, it is true that several evidence in other herbal agents also has stated this fact. Similarly, it also may be due to body immunity and personal factors as well. We know, we everyone faces for the diseases in unique ways.

Next, a few studies have shown the ability to improve immunity with black seed alternatives. Thus, when it combined with natural immunity, it gives added power to fight against this pathological agent.

Well, even though there are several myths and evidence regarding these practices, still we need more and more research to establish a unique technique. So, up until then, you may use the oils over affected areas three times a day. But, make sure not to rub tightly by creating a huge friction force or not to massage for long. If you do so, it can lead to skin irritations and easy ruptures of water bubbles.

Do you need to take medical advice before using this regime?

No! It is not mandatory. Since we have a great history of utilising the superpower stored in these tiny blackish seeds, we can directly use it over the skin attacked by herpes. But, if you are a someone who frequently facing to allergies, you should meet a health care professional.

This is equally validated for kids and pregnant women as well. At the same time, if you do not trust the traditional medicines like Ayurveda, Yunani or Siddha medicine, it will be a nice decision to have advice from a physician. The usage of other skin ointment is also a fact to consider when applying these oils.

What are the other available remedies for Herpes


Neem is known as one of the ideal herbs to control body temperature and reduce the growth of the virus. Simply, you may apply the juice taken after pressing down the leaves over the areas with bubbles. Or else, you can spread the leaves all over the bedding surface and sleep on this layer. Actually, it provides extra relaxation by reducing the itches.


This is also known as a good herbal agent to fight against bacteria and virus. Hence, it is always advised to add a piece of turmeric into foods for extra care. Further, you may keep a piece of this herb wrapped with a band on your wrist.

Garlic and lime

We know this is a common ingredient in most of the traditional kitchen. So, people used to collect a few amounts from both these for daily recipes. But, when you suffer from herpes, it is good to add more amount than usual to have better results.

The things to share with others

The use of black seed oil herpes is a well popular home-based regime in traditional practices. But, actually, there are no clear or proven conclusions on recent evidence. Thus, actually, there should be future studies to fill this gap. Yet, we are not telling you to avoid the use until they prove. Actually, anything will not exist as a belief for long without proper and fast results as expected by the user for long. Hence, you may use this confidently by keeping trust in ancient peopel and their knowledge.