The word divorce often gives goosebumps to a person. Thus it is the last thing that anyone would like to go through. Parting your relationship where you have invested your day and night is difficult. There are ups and down, and a person has to go through a lot. 

Different Types of Divorce Cases Handled By an Attorney

Thus to help you out and make the whole process easy and less painful, there are several good divorce lawyers in Bangalore. These are professional people who very well know how to work through the whole divorce proceeding. 

However, always remember that all divorces are not identical. That is why before hiring a lawyer, you must know what kind of divorce you are going you. So here is a list of some types of divorce cases that a divorce attorney handles. So have a look and figure it out at ease.

1. Uncontested divorce

This type of divorce is ideal for both husband and wife. In this case, both spouses can work with the lawyer directly and create a divorce agreement with all the terms and conditions as per both parties. 

However, in an uncontested divorce, there is no certain type of trial that takes place because the agreement is built in the presence of both clients. Due to this, uncontested divorce is the simplest, quickest, and the affordable way to get separated from your partner.

2. Contested divorce

A contested divorce is the most difficult divorce to go through. This is because the husband and wife don’t agree on major issues like children’s custody, property division, spousal support, etc.

 This way, lawyers try their best to negotiate the settlement, but if the parties become stubborn, so in that situation, the case is taken to court. The lawyer files the care, and the jury listens to both the parties and tries to resolve the problem between the spouses.

3. Collaborative divorce 

In this type of divorce, both spouses work with their respective lawyers to make an agreement and settle the things outside court. On the other side, if the case doesn’t get settled, the lawyer and their respective clients to new lawyers.

 In collaborative divorce, the spouses must be cooperative during the whole process and negotiate with their partners on good terms. Besides, it ensures that both parties get equal justice and respect. 

4. Default Divorce

This type of divorce occurs when one person files for the divorce and another doesn’t respond to it. Then the court will grant this kind of divorce as default. In that situation, maybe you will get the next date from the court, or your case will permanently get closed.

These are the four types of cases a divorce attorney handles. Due to their experience and knowledge, it becomes quite essential to hire an attorney so that you can easily represent your case in court.