It is a nice feeling to have fruit for your dessert. You can select two or three fruits in adequate portions to eat after your main meals. Or else, you can use them as a snack in between your meal. This is a good practice to keep well-maintained body weight. There are few fruits which are rich in necessary nutrients and fibre contents. The Avacado is such a marvellous tasty fruit to enjoy as a part of your snack. The calories in Avacado is enough to provide all your nutritional needs in a dieting plan. But, you have to make sure to use it in recommended portions. The overuse of any food may lead so many problems in every aspect. Hence, if you are suffering from any specialized disease or if you are in a weight loss plan, it is necessary to take advice from your dietitians.

How many calories in Avacado medium-sized fruit?

This green fruit has its own unique green red or blackish green skin. It is same as crocodile skin with the removable peel. There are many ways to prepare it for eating or drinking. You can eat raw pieces without or with sugar, or as a salad. If you wish to have a drink you can make Avacado juice or smoothie. A normal sized fruit of this is having around 150 to 180 grams and 240 to 280 calories. You can get the exact amount of calorie in a one Avacado when you use it as a raw fruit piece. But, if you eat it with sugar there may be more calorie intake and it is not nutritious too.

How to convert calories in Avacado for useful energy?

When it comes to Avacado nutrition facts, it is an important aspect of us. We all love to eat this tasty fruit. But, do you ever research on its nutritional value? It is a one of most nutritious fruit with carbohydrate, proteins, fat, a range of vitamins and minerals. The recommended portion of it is around a hundred grams. It is equal to half or two third of one whole thing. There is 67% of fat content in this recommended piece of Avacado. The total useful energy is released through this fat percentage.

The fibre content in here will support your digestion process while vitamins and minerals serve for several other functionalities including skin health.

Avocado for patients with heart diseases

Since the Avocado is high in fat concentration, there is a myth that it is bad for patients with heart diseases such as myocardial infarction. But, those are mainly the unsaturated fats and its good for your health. Hence, there is nothing to worry! you can eat your favourite fruit along with your medications. However, keep in mind to strict into the advice given by the medical team.

The last comments

You will always love to eat this yellowish green colour matured fruit without concerning the calories in Avocado. Today onwards,  you don’t want to worry about its nutritional composition. It is totally a recommended fruit to eat for each and every individual in adequate portions under nutritional advice.