These days, custom flexible packaging is something that is sought after by both manufacturers and consumers alike. They are dynamic and beneficial in many ways. While they are made of such high-grade material that they ensure the protection of the product inside, they look good on the shelves and also provide consumers with a package that can be manipulated after the initial opening to preserve the product. There are many great options these days when choosing a packaging solution for your product.

Packaging Solution for Your Product

Strong Protective Mylar Bags

The low oxygen transmission rate is one reason that mylar bags are ideal for food storage. Because of this low rate, food can stay fresh for longer, even after the bag has been initially opened. Users can simply reseal the bag, without the risk of having it open accidentally. 

The thickness of the foil laminate layer is another strong reason for packaging with mylar bags. It offers the food inside protection from odor, light and moisture. When your customers see that they can get your product in such packaging, they know that the product has been shipped securely and that it can last for as long as they need it to.

Spacious Gusseted Bags

The gusset is an extra piece of fabric that adds more space, as well as extra strength, to a bag. They often have extended sides or bottoms, which offer more space when they are expanded. Gusseted bags are ideal for packaging all sorts of dry goods, like foods of all sorts. Delis will often use them for sandwiches, bagels, breads, rolls and cookies, but they can also be employed to carry bulk candy, coffee, nuts and meat products. There are three basic types of gusseted bags: plow-bottom, K-seal bottom and round bottom. 

Stick Pack Pouches

Stick pack pouches are excellent for convenience, especially when it involves travel, or being any place away from home. These slim, slender packages are ideal for powders, like coffee, drink mixtures, sweeteners and vitamins. They are also perfect for cosmetic products, such as lotions and make-up.

The size and shape of stick packs become relevant when you want to be careful to offer the consumer a single dose of the product, so as to avoid the confusions that can come with mismanaging the amount of the product that they should be utilizing. As they are sealed at both ends and easy to open, it only takes a few seconds to apply whatever is in them. That they can fit easily inside a pocket or handbag means that even carrying several make them great for traveling.Whether you’re considering sachet packaging services, stick packs or gusseted bags, packaging is a critical component to keeping your product fresh and also for marketing. When consumers notice how much attention you give to something like your product’s packaging needs, they’ll be more apt to give those products a try. Visit a packaging company today to get the perfect packaging options for your products that will help them move quickly off the shelves, while maintaining their freshness, tomorrow.