Finding The Perfect Highlights Hairdresser For Your Prom Hair Highlights

Prom night is one of the most memorable nights of your life. The right highlights from a talented stylist help you look and feel your absolute best. With so many options, selecting the perfect hairdresser for your big night can feel overwhelming. Here’s how to choose a highlights hairdresser like BeckYB who will create gorgeous, head-turning highlights you adore.

Look for Prom Expertise

First, seek out stylists with expertise specifically in prom and formal hairstyling. Many salons now have dedicated prom teams. Their colorists have experience creating highlights that complement elaborate prom updos, curls and styles. They know how to make hair dazzle in photos with flash photography. Those specially trained in prom looks will make you shine.

Evaluate Technical Skill

Examine a colorist’s technical skill in foiling, blending and placing highlights. For prom, precision is a must. Their work should appear seamless and natural, not stripy. Look at before and after photos to evaluate the artistry of their highlighting technique. Masterful placement of highlights will make you feel confident and photo-ready.

Consider Low Maintenance Looks

Think about how much time you want to spend maintaining your highlight color after prom. For low maintenance, balayage, ombre and subtle face-framing highlights require less root touch-ups. If you anticipate a busy summer, choose a natural-looking color that grows out gracefully. A skilled colorist will guide you honestly.

Communicate Your Dress Color

Prom hair must complement your dress to create a cohesive look. When consulting stylists, take swatches of fabric, detail the color and share inspiration photos. A great colorist will factor in your gown’s neckline, silhouette and hue to design custom highlights. Keeping your stylist looped in is key.

Book a Trial Run

About six weeks before prom, schedule a highlight trial run. Testing out new highlights beforehand lets you tweak anything you don’t love. You’ll sleep easier knowing your locks are prom-ready well in advance. Come prom day, you’ll walk in totally confident and just needing a quick style.

Assess Conditioning Efforts

Look for a colorist who balances highlighting with repairing and conditioning your strands. Many now use bonding oils, protein fillers and treatments to keep hair healthy while lifting color. Make sure your stylist plans to prep hair before foiling and use gentle aftercare products to prevent damage.

Provide Inspiration Photos

Collect inspiration pictures showcasing highlights you love and think would complement your features and skin tone. Share these images with the stylist to make sure your vision aligns. Any hesitation on their part indicates they may not be able to achieve the look you want. Find someone eager to make your highlights dream a reality!

Consider Photos and Makeup

Talk to your stylist about coordinating your highlights with your makeup for a cohesive palette. Warm coppery highlights and earthy shadows or cool icy blondes with bold berry lips create a pretty, pulled-together look. Your stylist should seamlessly blend your makeup and hair hues.

Book in Advance

Salon schedules fill up weeks before prom. Make your appointment as far ahead of time as possible to guarantee you get your desired stylist. Waiting until the last minute risks having limited time slots to choose from. Reserve early for maximum flexibility.


With the perfect highlights from a stylist attuned to your vision, you’re sure to feel like the belle of the ball! Dazzle all night long with luminous locks tailored just for you.