As I used to wake up early morning to go to school, during the school vacation also I wake up early. There were many egg-plant bushes in our garden, because my grandma treated them well. I saw and watched interestingly a couple of tiny birds loving each other on the bushes. I passed most of the days of my vacation by doing it.
Then the vacation was over. After school I had a Tinkerbell habit to find tiny things around the house. Suddenly I saw that bird couple has made a small nest on an eggplant bush.After some days passed that small nest filled up with little babies. Parents were busy with babies to feed.


One day I heard a loud bird noises and I went to check. I saw a huge bird is hunting the little babies of bird parents. There was nothing to do for me as the big bird has catched the last baby and flew to the sky.
After that there were painful noises only. Oh if I could heal their hearts.


There is no definitions for the LOVE. Mother and father is the best example for the love.Father is the strength to the mother who bears their child 10 months and feels more pains.They are silent souls who crowned to their children and smile with empty hands. There is no words to explain affection of their hearts and it is the most wonderful thing of the world.
Birds parents taught little me a big lesson. Parents are the greatest souls who can sacrifice even their lives for their children. Tears came to my eyes unconsciously after I seeing how the birds parents trying to find their little babies full of the day.
Think a mother your mother, my father your father.. they bore many pains, uncomfortable situations for us. How they bear and sacrifice everything even without blaming by a single word. It is the love they hold.


I knew affection of my mom once I became a mother. I saw the dreams she dreamt for me by myself.I experienced how she sacrificed herself to protect me. I saw my father’s affection for me from my husband. I knew my father loved me as my husband loves our daughter. I understood that the world’s most strong bond is the children parents bond and it cannot be given up ever.

Please keep in mind we should take care of our parents in their old age who gave strength to us to become a better person in the society. It should rooted into the mind of every human being.If the great human mind fill with kindness for the parents, there will be no need of elders homes ever.


Author : Sha Gunawardhana