Pleated Dress or Skirt

Pleated fabrics are among the most attractive and prevalent designs worn by many around the world. They never seem to go out of style, and understandably so. They look flattering on all body types and add a touch of femininity. There are so many companies out there, like LIdee, that specialises in creating women’s clothing using pleated fabric

If you’ve got a pleated gown or skirt but need to know how to style it, this guide might help you out. 

Go Metallic

One of the most beautiful ways to wear pleated dresses or skirts is by getting a metallic statement piece. The sophistication of the fabric pairs well with the boldness of the metal. 

To style a metallic pleated skirt, you can add a subtle blouse that complements the metallic sheen of the skirt. A classic satin button-up will also elevate the look. If you’ve got a gown, then it’s best to let the dress do the talking. Accessorise with golden or silver earrings, and you’ll be good to go! 

Experiment With Colours

When the pleated trend came about, people usually bought soft-coloured fabrics. But it’s 2023, and it’s time to be gutsy. Most people are often afraid to wear vibrant hues, but let that fear go away. Wear bright colours like green or orange, and watch it transform how you look and feel about yourself. Brands like L’Idee create pieces so vivid that if you wear them, you can’t help but turn heads. 

If you’ve got a bright-hued dress, then one of the best ways to style it is to pair them with a pair of white heels; white works well with colours, so give it a shot! 

Try Grunge Chic

Another trend that looks really stylish is feminine grunge chic. If you’ve got a pleated skirt, you can wear it with a black corset, an oversized leather jacket, and boots and other clothes for women edmonton. You can throw in a leather jacket even if you wear a pleated dress. The bagginess of the jacket goes well with the soft femininity of the dress.

Go for Unique Back Cut-Outs and Hems

Cut-outs and uneven hems have become a popular trend in the clothing industry. Buy a skirt for women with an asymmetrical hem and pair it with a simple but form-hugging top. The A-shape it creates looks stunning on everyone. If you want to wear a pleated gown or dress, get a piece that has a fun yet bold back design and show off some skin! 

Thigh-High Slits

Over the year, everyone has seen more and more women owning and embracing their bodies. One should never shy away or feel embarrassed from feeling sexy and beautiful in their clothes. Dresses with thigh-high slits, like the ones made by L’Idee, look gorgeous on everyone and don’t require much styling, either. You can wear a pair of tie-up heels to accentuate the leg.

Final Thoughts 

There are so many ways to style pleated fabrics, and it depends on your personal taste as well. But remember, don’t be afraid to try out new things. Feel confident in what you wear, and you won’t have to worry about who’s going to judge you. 

2023 will bring in newer trends, but the pleated skirt is not going away soon. They’re becoming a timeless trend in fashion and will continue to be one of the most loved designs by women across the globe. What are you waiting for? Hop online and get yourself something beautiful.