Private Jet Travel

If there is one thing you and other people love to do year after year, it is travel to exciting and exotic destinations to relax and have plenty of fun. However, if you have tried doing so using commercial flights, you may have found yourself experiencing delays, scheduling problems, and other issues that complicated what should have been a fun trip. In recent years, the private jet industry has started to impact the tourism industry in numerous ways, many of which will make you want to take a second look at chartering a private jet for your next trip.

Easy to Schedule Quick Trips

Should you and your family or friends decide you want to take a quick trip for some fun in the sun or to attend an event, trying to schedule your last-minute trip with a commercial airline will be close to impossible. However, that’s not the case with private jets, and more and more travelers are finding this out every year. Compared to 2019, statistics showed a 51% increase in leisure travel bookings for American travelers. Most importantly, of that 51%, 44% were first-time private jet customers, demonstrating the growing popularity of flying on private jets.

Increased International Travel

Since you can easily schedule a flight on a private jet, this has impacted the tourism industry in terms of an increased interest in international travel. Due to you being able to schedule a private jet excursion that easily fits into your travel plans, you can compare the best private jet companies and soon find yourself visiting some of the most popular international destinations for air travelers, which include France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Combining Business and Pleasure

In years past, business trips were only for business. However, as times have changed so too has the way business travel is used. In today’s world, more and more business travelers are choosing to combine business with pleasure. As a result, private jets are being used more each year so that you can turn a business trip into one that is filled with luxury, fun, and excitement, along with making sure you still get down to business and seal the deal.

 Based on industry data, it is not unusual to see a typical July filled with business trips scheduled for such destinations around the world as the Bahamas, Turkey, South America, and Canada. In fact, it is quite common today to see business travelers foregoing a first-class commercial airline flight in favor of a private jet since they can charter a private jet that will be luxurious and large enough to bring along their spouse, children, grandparents, and even a nanny if necessary.

Boosting the Worldwide Economy

One of the lesser-known but most important ways private jet travel is impacting the tourism industry is how passengers who use private jets impact economies around the world. As an example, during a typical visit to the Caribbean, private jet travelers spend between $80,000-$90,000 during their trip, with much of that money finding its way into local economies. Because of this, when you travel via private jet, chances are you are helping to strengthen an area’s tourism industry and helping its citizens lead more prosperous lives.

Recovering from the Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the travel and tourism industry was dealt what many people thought may have been a permanent death blow. However, private jet charters have helped lead a resurgence within the tourism industry. While commercial airlines expect it will still be several years before they have overcome scheduling and staffing challenges, private jet companies have experienced these problems on a much smaller scale. As a result, private jet companies have helped companies around the world get back to business on a scale consistent with pre-pandemic levels. Whether you are traveling to a business conference or to meet with an important client to close a multi-million dollar deal, using a private jet makes more and more sense.

Whereas prior to the pandemic, only 10% of people who could fly via private jet actually did so, that number has increased tremendously within the past few years. As this trend continues, the tourism industry will no doubt be the beneficiary.