RDO Equipment

It’s a beautiful early evening as you put your working tools away and head to the clubrooms where you carry out your voluntary tasks each day, ready for a couple of cold beers before heading home. You are extremely proud of the job that you do, with the field looking in pristine condition.

Indeed, as the cricket season heads towards its conclusion, your name has been mentioned in the pipeline for an award, such is the quality of your decks and outfield. You’ll continue to offer it the same loving care once the footy season is underway. You are so glad that when you took on the role the club had a bit of spare cash and headed to RDO Equipment, the Australian John Deere machinery dealer.

You offered your services and expertise having formerly worked for the council in the parks department. You knew that John Deere is the world’s leading manufacturer of agricultural and turf equipment and a name that you could trust. Your advice was to spend money on the very best equipment, rather than from a rival name that is unlikely to offer the same longevity or quality.

Best of all, the company that is the dealer for the whole of Australia with 50 years of trading behind them, operates out of 29 dealership locations around the country, with one not too far away from where you are based. It’s given you and the chairman such a boost that you are now looking to choose some running shoes to start jogging.

You are given a guarantee that required parts will be sourced within days, along with repair assistance if needed, which can be a real bonus, as the cricket fixtures don’t put themselves on hold if your gear is on the physio’s bench. A full service is also guaranteed from their dedicated team which also offered used machines for those looking to save money or with a tight budget to maintain.

The philosophy of the company also coincides with that of your club, in that it looks to add value to your needs and add value to the operation. It recognizes that their employees and customers are both vital to their success, the same as the club is with its players and members. Doing it with honesty and integrity is the icing on top of the cake. You might well drink to that after a tour of a world class arena.

And what a difference the John Deere equipment has made, helping transform the ground. It is ever reliable, and a pleasure for you to sit onboard. The mowers have been the stars of the show, after the aerator had played its part to let the water and nutrients penetrate the soil properly. The gator, being invaluable for you get your gear around the ground and to make general shifting and rearranging easy.

Yes, without doubt, if you should end up winning an award you will be dedicating it to John Deere and the team at RDO Equipment.