How to find trusted business contacts

We will not reveal anything new if we tell you that the internet is one of the most important tools that businesses have at their disposal to find trusted business contacts. It is an inexhaustible source of resources, ideas, or advice. But what worries any professional the most is how to find new clients on the internet.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing expert, knowing how to get in touch with new clients is essential for the continued life of your business.

Here, in this guide, we are going to show you some great tips and ideas on how to find new trusted business contacts and help your company flourish.

1. Identify your ideal client: 

The first thing to do is to identify your ideal client, you can’t find something if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. For your recruitment strategy to work, you need to know who your client is, and who exactly you are addressing.

The best option is to generate a clear and detailed profile of your potential client. Investigate the profiles that come to you through your website: how they’ve got there, what they have been looking for, what their needs are, what vision of your business they have, and what platforms they use (social networks, email, forums).

The more information about them you have, the easier it will be to accompany them throughout the journey, from when they contact you until the business is formalized.

Take advantage of calls to action. Include CTAs (buttons with call-to-action messages) in the biographies of social networks: Facebook, Twitter… Don’t forget Youtube or Skype.

You may also use Leadar or any other people search service to grab suitable business contacts countrywide. With these services, you can come across your prospects and business partners by searching them by their names, job titles, social media details, professional skills, education, etc. 

2. Work with a defined online structure:

The online presence of your business cannot be based solely on your website. Once you have collected as much data as possible about your potential customers, you will want to reach them in the most efficient way possible, for which you will need a diversified strategy.

You may use several tools to generate your online presence: the perception that your client will have of your business and how they will relate to it. The fundamental ones are some like these:

– A website and a blog. Both are essential tools to maintain regular contact with your online audience and direct it to the acquisition of your products.

– Tools to analyze the web traffic of your site and to be able to correct possible errors. It may either be Google Analytics or SimilarWeb which are available for free or any other software solution according to your preferences.

– Social networks to create a community around your brand and direct them to your website.

– Advertising to generate traffic. A good advertising campaign is one of the most useful tools to get more traffic to your website.

– Email marketing to keep in touch with those who have been your clients and with those who may be.

3. Optimize your business website: 

Your company website is the gateway for thousands of people who surf the net, so it is important to adapt it to serve your business, not just as your business presentation but as the first contact for a business relationship.

It should be an effective marketing tool. That is why it should be optimized with SEO practices for the proper positioning and configured to make everything your potential customers need available to them. Besides taking care of the content, also think of the design, creating an attractive and functional space where visitors can easily find everything they want and decide to contact your business.

4. Generate content of interest:

Both your website and your social networks should provide visitors with pieces of information of interest to generate engagement and turn your leads into real customers.

Also, it is important to work on the update. The regeneration of content awakens in the visitor a relationship of continuity and demonstrates the interest that you show both toward your clients and your brand.

One way to achieve this is by updating previous content to adapt it to the present so that your website and social networks will always be relevant. In addition, the “up-to-date” content will help you position yourself in the most advantageous way.

Another valuable tip is to write for other blogs. Create an attractive blog entry and offer it to someone in your same sector: become the guest post writer for their blog and you will see how new subscribers arrive on your website.

5. Create links with your customers:

Currently, online competition is huge, it’s no mystery. The opportunities multiply and clients know that they have many options to get. That is why they value trust, and it’s up to you to build relations based on trust and respect.

On the one hand, take advantage of your content on the blog or social networks to show that you are an expert who can be trusted. Show them that you dominate your sector and that you know the product or service you offer, thus increasing confidence in your offer, and increasing business prospects.

In addition, your client needs to be heard, so attend to their needs, or help them with some specific problems. You have to let them know that you are willing to consult them or solve their problems not only during the purchase process but once it is finished or even before it occurs. Use newsletters and satisfaction surveys to let them know you care about them.

Thus, there are multiple ways to find trusted business contacts. We hope this guide will help you find proper long-term contacts for your business so that you can grow and get the most out of your activity.

Note: while you increase your new contact list with these strategies, do not forget to take care of your relationship with old customers. Little by little you will build a consistent agenda: a shuttle for your products and services.