How to get a cat out of a tree

How to get a cat out of a tree

Cats can be identified as the most popular pet of humans after dogs. Today we are going to discuss a common habit of cats, which can be dangerous too in some instances. Most of the cats like climbing high places. We can observe many cats in houses climb to cabinets or cupboards. But, the whole scenario and changes when they climb up to trees. This flirts with so much danger. They can be prey to predators and can get sick or injured when they fall from such a great height. So, considering the threat, we will go through some of the ways which we can adopt to get a cat out of a tree with no risk.

On the other hand, we all get the question that, why can’t cats quickly get down from trees like they climb up. This is due to their body structure. Their claws are there in such a way that they are formed in a curved way allowing them to go upwards smoothly. On the other hand, their hind legs are way stronger than their front ones making them climb easily. Have you known about this before? Isn’t it amazing? We all see cats climbing up quickly and struggling to get down. This is the exact scientific reason for it.

Now we all must be wondering why they always prefer to climb trees when they have cabinets and cupboards at home? There is an interesting story behind this too. This comes from their ancestors. Cats who were in the past had skills to climb up trees and wait long hours to wait for their prey. So it is the same skills that come down from generation to generation. This is the reason why they always prefer climbing trees. Just allow a cat at your home to go outside of the house and see what happens. They always try to go and climb a tree. On the other hand, cats also climb up trees and use branches there as a hiding place too to hide from dogs and other things that may frighten them. 

Now comes the million-dollar question. “How to get a cat out of a tree”? Next, we will provide you some of the steps you can follow initially to really understand the situation of what has really happened before thinking out the ways to get him down.

Initial Steps to be followed before getting the cat out of the tree

01. Stay calm and do not panic

This is the most important thing you need to follow in such an instance. First of all, you need to be calm and collective. This directly has a connection to the cat stuck on the tree as well. It is your beloved pet that is stuck on a tree. So staying calm will allow you to think about the best possible way to get your cat out of the tree soon. Yelling and acting in a frightened will only complicate the problem. It will make it harder for you to retrieve the cat. So stay calm and be vigilant. Think about the possible ways to save and act accordingly. We all know that staying calm in such an instance is the hardest thing to do. But, remember it is the most practical and suitable thing you can follow to get down your cat easily and quickly.

02. Make sure your cat is exactly stuck on the tree

This is also an important thing you must understand. Try to examine whether your cat is exactly stuck or not. Sometimes cats climb up trees and stay there for hours when they are stubborn. These are two different scenarios that clearly need two various measures. So, understanding the real situation is the key. Here you need to be vigilant. First, try to understand and read the movements and expressions of the cat. It will give you a clue about what has really happened. Then act accordingly. If the cat is really stuck, think of the ways to get it down. If it is the other way around, you need to act smartly. Remember, this is the time you need to practical and vigilant. Here your approach needs to be clearly different. Offering him with tasty meals and sometimes pretending as playing are the best practical ways to get down a stubborn cat.

03. Check for possible threats that may have frightened

This is also an important step you need to follow initially. Creating a safe environment for your cat is the most important thing you can do in these types of situations. It will allow you to get down your cat quickly. There can be some threats that prompted your cat to climb up the tree. It can be your dog or any other thing. First, try to understand and detect it. Then try to remove it from the surrounding. This will make your cat feel safer and allowing him to come down. 

So, after following the initial steps above, now we will see some of the real-life ways that we can use to get the cat out of the tree.

Real-life ways to get the cat out of the tree

01. Communicating with love

This is the simplest and the easiest, which you can follow. But, many find this as the hardest. This is purely due to the tension created because of the situation. Sometimes we all think about complex ways when we have the most accessible measure with us. What could be the best and the easiest way to get your cat down in such an instance? It is communication. Just communicate with your cat like you usually do every day and try to get him down. It is your voice that your cat is familiar with. So, hearing your voice will definitely ease the tension of your cat and make him relaxed too. Remember to be calm. Your tone will definitely convey a message to your cat. Further, communicating with phrases you usually used to express love will certainly make your task much more comfortable.

02. Coax him with food

Using food to coax your cat is another option you can follow in this situation. Make sure to provide something that your cat loves so much with some fragrance. Tuna can be more effective in these types of scenarios as it has a strong smell. Keep a bowl full of tuna near the tree and see. Do not be anxious or hasty. It will take some time, maybe an hour, for your cat to come down if he wants to. So the smartest thing which you can do is to be patient. Do not make unnecessary moves that make your cat more frightened. Stay calm and wait for the best opportunity.

03. An escape route

The next thing you can do is to think of an escape route. Using a ladder for this is the best. Remember to keep the ladder at an angle of 30 degrees. This will allow your cat to get down quickly. The positioning of the ladder here is the most important thing. It will either prompt you to get down or further frighten your cat. So place your ladder in such a way that your cat feels confident and safe. This will undoubtedly increase the chances for you to get your cat down.

04. Cat’s carrier

One more thing you can do in this situation is to use your cat’s carrier as an elevator. This is a more creative approach that needs your creative skills. First, Throw a rope over the nearest branch that your cat is trapped. Then tie the cat carrier to the other end. Then slowly pull the other side of the string. You will see the end with the cat carrier go up. Remember to leave the door open of the carrier. After that, be patient. Wait for your cat goes inside. Your cat will also see what is going through, and it will take some time for him to understand this, too, if you are lucky enough. So, be patient and see. Your confidence will clearly have an impact on your cat also.

05. Go up and rescue

This could be the most dangerous option of all. But, trust me, this can be effective, too, if done correctly. First of all, you need to climb up the tree with the help of a ladder. Here your confidence is the key. At the same time, you need to be calm too. Your cat should get the feeling that you are there to save him. That feeling will make the task a lot easier. The best thing to do is to hold your cat by his neck. This will make it easier for both. On the other hand, you can carry a cat basket along with you. This makes your job easier. The cat will be happier to get into the basket rather than holding him by his neck. So, think wisely and do the job. It is about your pet, after all.

I hope you got to know a few methods on how to get a cat out of a tree. Here we have mentioned some of the ways which you can follow to get a cat out of the tree without a ladder too. 

Tempting the cat to get down using communication

Using food and toys

Using cat carriers

How long can cat be stuck in a tree?

This is another common question that we all have in our minds. A cat can be there in a tree for a week. But we should not let that happen. Cats should not be left there for more than 24 hours. It is assumed that a cat will die after 01 weeks if it is stuck in a tree. Cats will not climb down down the tree on their own after 24 hours. This is where the worry starts. Try to get your cat down somehow before 24 hours. The following factors will also come to haunt a cat while he is stuck on the tree. 

  • The danger of falling down
  • Starvation
  • Dehydration

Further, you must remember this. If your cat is small (kitten), elderly or sick, you must get the cat down as soon as possible. They might not have the strength nor the courage to come down on their own or survive as normal ones do. So consider them like the most critical ones and do the needful urgently.

Now we will go through a section to which many of us not paid our attention much. Sometimes you need to incur a cost to get a cat out of the tree. There can be instances where you need to remove/cut some parts of the tree in order to get the cat down safely. “How much does it cost to get a cat out of a tree”? This is the question you all must be having right now. We will provide you some of the cost areas associated with this.

  • Tree stump removal cost 
  • Tree stump grinding cost
  • Burning 
  • Chemical rotting

The above cost can be varied from one service provider to another. We may have to get the support of them in some instances in order to get the cat out of the tree.

Steps to avoid when getting down a cat stuck on a tree

We have gone through some of the steps which we can follow to rescue a cat stuck on a tree. There are some things which you need to avoid in the effort to get your cat down. Some of you may do these things in tension and will face issues in return.

Spraying cat with water

This can be identified as one of the main mistakes many of us make when trying to get the cat down. This is caused mainly due to a lack of patience. We try to when all our efforts to get the cat go in vain. We may think that the cat will come down when spraying water on him. But have you thought about this? The speed of the water we spray will sometimes knock the cat out of the tree. This may cause injuries and sometimes will lead to the death of the cat too. So think before you do something. Your patience is the key here. 

Frightening the cat to come down by throwing stones

This is another incorrect practice we follow in these situations. You will not be able to get the cat down by frightening him. It will make the scenario even more complicated. Your cat will try to go further up because of your bad practices. So, try to stick to the ideas we have mentioned earlier as much as possible.

We have got to know many facts regarding how to get a cat out of the tree. In addition to that, we have gone through some of the costs, incorrect practices, and many more. We recommend you to follow these steps and try to get your cat down. If you are unable to get your cat down from these, your last option will be to call for firefighter help. This will cost you too. They often instruct you to wait for about 24 hours before calling for help. But, if you feel that things are getting out of your control soon, do not hesitate to contact and seek their help.

As soon as you retrieve your cat, feed him with some water and feed. Your cat must be dehydrated due to a lack of water and food. Then try to make him calm and relax as much as possible. This will make your cat somewhat stronger and will help him to come out of the situation quickly. Then slowly look for any injuries. Your cat might be injured on the way up and down. So monitor closely.

As discussed earlier, cats are prone to get stuck in trees. If your cat is getting stuck on trees often, you should think of a way to stop it because your cat is in danger. You cannot always look for ways to get down your cat from trees. You consider blocking access to the tree. Some think it is a crime. But, remember you are doing all these for your cat’s own good. Blocking access to the tree is far better than allowing him to access and getting stuck.

I hope we have provided you with some of the vital information about how to get a cat out of the tree and relevant areas associated with it. 

It is your pet cat, so it is your responsibility to look after him with care.

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