Essential oil (EO) is a health miracle for this technical era. Even though there is remarkable progress in western medicine over the decades, still, people believe the amazing healing effect of these natural solutions. So, that may be the reason to believe this as a miracle drug for a healthy lifestyle. And, the effects of essential oils extends from treating for minor muscular impairments (body pains) to major complications of serious diseases. The essential oils for bronchitis, bronchiectasis and all other respiratory health is a massive subject when it comes to treating for complications. But, it may be used to address as the well-identified curing solutions for individual diseases as well. 

Somehow, the use of essential oil for respiratory diseases is a popular home remedy for years. Thus, the modernity can not replace these traditional practices without any scientific pieces of evidence. Amazingly, up until now, all the researches done on the field have proved its beneficence. Hence, lets’ have a discussion to identify the science behind the traditional practices of using herbal agents for bronchitis!

Physiological Facts Behind Use of Essential oils for Bronchitis! 

Bronchitis is a respiratory illness. It often associates with excessive and thickened mucus production. Thus, the victim will eventually end up with breathing difficulties. What exactly happened during the disease is the inflammation of the bronchial linings. So, this is different from bronchiectasis which is defined as the enlargement of bronchi, bronchioles or alveoli of the lung. And, if this is a permanent change, we call it bronchiectasis. Often, any of these are not completely reversible diseases. So, the only treatment measure will be to control the symptoms. All the essential oils listed below will help you in this purpose. 

Well, we know, you may be willing to know the possible symptoms of this disease before becoming a blind medication seeker. That is why we are going to discuss these methods in-depth.

The majority of cases found with cough and thick nasopharyngeal secretions. But, it also can cause breathing impairments too. The SOB (Shortness of Breath) and the unspecified chest pain are the other two commonest complaints. In some cases, the patients have also complained about the reddish nasal or oral mucus discharge. It means, the disease also can lead to damages for tiny blood vessels. Often, this may be due to pressure exerted by cough. And, sometimes, it may get away without treatments too. 

Yet, since the general audience of the disease may fail to specifically differentiate this condition, there are higher chances to develop as a chronic illness. So, the chronic bronchitis is somewhat a troublesome matter than acute. It means, this condition needs medical help. And, it will not cure completely. The progression of this stage can end up with obstructive lung diseases. So, the commonest complication at the end is COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). 

How Essential Oils for Bronchitis becomes Effective Solution?

Well, now it is clear that you have to find the treatments that specifically address the cause and the symptoms. But, since the chronic stage is an irreversible change to lung tissues, the experts also suggesting treating for the complications in this case. Simply, if the essential oil can minimize these symptoms, it is a good choice for treatments. 

And, since the use of essential oils lung damage regimes are popular for years, there is nothing to worry too. Further, the majority of the newest researchers are also have supported for this fact. In another hand, this kind of natural and herbal treatment choices are harmless. Thus, there is nothing to bother about experiencing.

How to find the best essential oils for bronchitis? 

If you have done deep research in the use of essential oils for cough and bronchitis, you will find that it has a scientific background. It means any of these traditional treatments are not blind medications. Thus, first of all, we must look at the common benefits of essential oils. Often, the ultimate effects are not the same. But, there are certain common and assuming benefits due to herbal composition. And, in some cases, you only can maximize the herbal effects just by adding two or three oils or herbal agents together. 

The qualities that should possess by essential oils for breathing difficulties… 

The herbal agents use for respiratory illnesses should be powerful enough to minimize symptoms and also prevent complications. So, it should possess at least one or a combination of the following qualities. In case, if a single oil variety cannot address the disease, it is good to use combination therapies. 

3 The Best Characteristics of Essential Oils for Bronchitis! 

1. It should be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent 

Since the bronchitis is a well known inflammatory condition of the bronchial lining, the treatments should focus to minimize the redness, pain and possible swelling. But, you may not notice these changes in your throat by yourself. So, it seems the majority are reluctant to believe anti-inflammatory herbal treatments are one of the solutions for their breathing problem. Yet, do you know, most of the western medicinal drugs will address the inflammation? However, all those can lead to side effects than EOs. 

2. An essential oil should be able to stand against the growth of harmful bacteria

You may have heard, the majority of deaths has reported due to pneumonia following breathing impairments. So, it is clear that the bacterial attacks have made a huge influence over a patients’ survival. Even though the many kinds of bacterial attacks can be managed with medications, there are a few dangerous infections. Thus, we always should remember that prevention is better than cure. Hence, you should select a powerful EOs to fight against bacterial growth at the first stage itself. So, it will never grow up to a threat. 

3. It should deliver super comfort for the disturbing throat! 

Often, we are not expecting only the cure at the first few days of injury or discomfort. So, within the acute stage, it is very much important to take medications to avoid pain and related issues. Thus, the soothing effects are one of the major benefits of using essential oil for cough and phlegm. 

What Essential Oils are Good for Bronchitis?

Yes! This is the question you are expecting the answers. Isn’t it? Well, almost all the EOs mentioned in the below lines have at least one characteristic to fight against bronchitis. Yet, you should be aware to use those as directed to avail the maximum beneficence. Otherwise, your mistakes will lengthen the cure by leading to the chronic stage at the end. As we already know, it is never a pleasant experience. Thus, always keep in mind to prevent other than waiting to cure when it becomes bad. 

1. The Peppermint Oil 

Over the years the peppermint has shown its beneficial effects for respiratory diseases. Since this is rich in mint flavour, it will soothe your throat. So, in the first few days, you will feel comfortable. And, it also can minimize the risk of worsening the condition. Thus, eventually, breathing difficulties and chest discomfort will disappear. Even, you may use this at the chronic stage to loosen the collected mucus. 

2. Lemon Essential Oil

Since the lemon is a citrus family fruit, it contains enough amount of vitamin C. Thus, this is known as one of the best essential oils for lung detox. So, if you would use it as directed by experts, it will never lead for pneumonia. Even, it is recommending to use leaves, juice and the vapour of the peels taken from lemon fruit or tree for this kind of issues. 

3. Lemongrass Oil 

Often, the majority of people may mistakenly identify the lemon and lemongrass as one variety. But, this is not a citrus family tree or plant. Yet, it can soothe the throat and inflamed bronchioles. So, you may use this herbal agent to fight against bronchitis attacks and to prevent the chronic stages. Further, this is known as one of the best antibacterial agents. Hence, this will protect you from harmful microbes that can even become fatal. Thus, if you already suffer from the worsening of symptoms, you may have a try for a little lemongrass oil drops. 

4. Cinnamon Oil 

We know, cinnamon is a popular spice all around the world due to its hidden ability to make delicious dishes. Yet, it also has herbal qualified to fight against common cold and flu. But, it seems the people have not paid that much attention to use this oil as a herb. And, since it is commonly used with combination, people are not aware of its medicinal properties. Yet, keep in mind, this is an excellent herb to get rid of acute bronchitis. The aromatic fragrance and the soothing ability with wonderful taste is the major beneficence of cinnamon for respiratory disease. 

5. Eucalyptus Oil 

Even you are lack of the sense regarding the effects of Eucalyptus, it is a common ingredient in the majority of analgesic ointments. It means this oil variety is an excellent pain reliever. Further, the scientist also has identified its ability to prevent harmful bacterial growth. Thus, they said this is a perfect choice to prevent the chest infection from getting worst. So, it will successfully manage pneumonia-related complications. 

6. Rosemary for Cough 

No doubt, this is also not much familiar herbal agent. So, you will never keep a Rosemary oil bottle inside your medicinal cabinet. Yet, it is certain, several painkilling oils and cough syrups may be there. So, just have a look at whether all those are rich in cineol. Yes! It is a compound found in Rosemary. And, it may also found through other herbs too. However, the importance of this compound is to loosen the secretions. Hence, it will ease off mucus breakdown. Since the bronchitis is an obstructive lung disease, this process may deliver greater relief for patients. 

7. Frankincense for respiratory health

Certainly, you haven’t heard or used this EO at your home in its pure form. Yes! It is not a common herb. And, it is expensive too. But, as we described above many of the oil, ointments,  syrups and aromatherapy kits contain this kind of rare herbals. Thus, keep in mind that your daily herbal pack for bronchitis is rich in enough essential oils for chest congestion and related issues. 

8. Oregano Oil 

Here also we are not going to describe its availability as the pure form as it is same for others. But, it is common as combinations. Often, this is an excellent herb to prevent progression of pneumonia by destroying harmful microbes. And, also the experts have published some hypothesis about viral attacks and Oregano oils. So, if they could prove, this sill will be a massive finding for future pandemics such as COVID-19.

9. Thymine Oil

Since this is a potent carvacrol source, it helps to weaken of bacterial clusters. And, it can minimize the pain by promoting blood circulation to the applied areas. So, the experts suggest this oil variety may have certain beneficial effects for acute and chronic bronchitis. 

10. Geranium Oil 

This is a popular herb in many medicinal agents over a few years. Further, it is widely used to add floral fragrance for perfumes too. But, when it comes to medicinal purposes, it has a remarkable ability to minimize the productive cough by loosening the secretions. As the experts highlight the Geranium Extracts contain a compound called Pelargonium sidoides. That is why it gives effective outcomes for patients with chronic cough. 

11. Tea Tree Oil 

Even though the tea tree oil is also a bit expensive herb, the majority of people used to use this herb. Especially, this is a common agent in aromatherapy. And, it is also effective in preventing cough, sinus disturbances and mucus plug formation due to exacerbation of bronchitis. Further, since it can successfully fight against microbe clusters, this is a well known essential oil for pneumonia prevention. 

12. Lavender Oil 

Do you know the patients who suffered from chronic illnesses usually under mental depression? So, they need relation therapies. It is recommended if you would arrange psychological help. But, you must keep in mind to ensure their relaxation even at homes. Thus, aromatherapy with lavender oil is the most suitable solution for this case. Since Lavender is rich is calming effects due to the relaxing fragrance, it is popular as the best for mental health. 

13. Yarrow 

This is an alternative EO to minimize inflammation associated with bronchitis. Usually, you may seek for this option only if you failed to find other popular combinations. But, this isn’t mean that this is not a valuable and powerful oil. Yet, it is a bit of rare variety. So, it is expensive than all others. That is why you should keep it as the second or third option when treating for respiratory issues.

14. Sweet Orange Oil 

Even though it seems this is not a powerful herb as individual EO, it has an extreme ability to reduce inflammation when combined with Eucalyptus. Thus, this is also known as a must-try herbal agent for dry cough and flu without mucus break down. 

15. Bergamot Oil 

Since this is a member of citrus family EOs, it is rich in alleviating pain. Thus, it will deliver a comfortable feeling for patients who suffered from an excessive cough. Thus, if you could find a few drops of Bergamot, do not forget to have its beneficence even for sinus blockages and the common cold. 

How to Use Essential Oils for Bronchitis and Respiratory Issues? 

Often, the method of use may depend upon the symptoms. So, if you are suffering from dry cough, we suggest steam inhalation plus EO fragrance inhalation to soothe your throat. Further, it will minimize dryness and will keep your throat wet as possible. Thus, you will not suffer from swallowing difficulties and pain when talking. Further, the use of essential oils for dry cough diffuser may also deliver instant relaxation. 

The same method may offer some relaxation to minimize mucus plugging. Since the steam passes with heat until your alveoli, the secretions will be loosened. And, the effects of so-called EOs will enhance this process further by allowing mucus to secrete out. 

But, if you suffer from chest pain, sinus blockages and muscular pains due to prolonged illness related to bronchitis, this method of application will not deliver effective results. Thus, you should also add topical oil applications along with steaming. Often, the gentle massage over the surface areas of sinus cavities will help you to drain clogged mucus. And, almost all the EOs mentioned earlier will be effective to minimize muscular pain. 

The aromatherapy techniques also seem beneficial in this case. So, we suggest you to use an incense burner to spread the herbal fragrance all over the living space. Since it delivers a herbal effect without sense, it is an effective home remedy for chronic stages. 

Essential Oils for Bronchitis doTerra Breathing Solution! 

It doesn’t mean to use only the pure forms of EOs. The doTerra breathing solution is also one of the best breathing antidotes. Since the manufacturer has made all the combinations under the given criteria, it is easy to use. It says this is ideal for both aromatherapy and the topical use. And, if you get used to regular use, it may minimize seasonal flu and the common cold. Further, the people with pneumonia will feel comfortable even with the inhaling a few drops spread in their palms. 

Since doTerra is a popular essential oil brand, it is trustworthy. So, you may order your pack through any of the online platforms. The average price of 15 ml pack ranges from $22 to $26. But, sometimes, you may have to pay the shipping cost as well. 

The text wrapping 

The use of essential oils for bronchitis seems like one of the best home remedies. Yet, you must remember this is not the ultimate treatment choice for any respiratory issue. It means you cannot ever replace medicinal support through an essential oil. And, since there is a huge gap in research to prove the characteristics of EOs for specified diseases, we need time to clarify its real effects. Thus, you should be wise enough to use all the above-mentioned treatment option under the given precautions and pieces of advice.