The world has become a global village where people of all races and nationalities mingle, especially in cosmopolitan cities. The fashion trends in China are no exception, as they have been influenced by Western culture. It is not uncommon to see people wearing western clothing like jeans, dresses, and skirts with western-style accessories such as watches or earrings while walking downtown Beijing city center.

Best Chinese Dress

Every woman likes to feel special and unique in whatever she is wearing. As a result, the fashion industry in China has developed into a thriving business that provides many opportunities for people who love fashion. Here are some major factors you must consider while buying a robe chinoise

1. Material 

Chinese dress is available in various materials such as satin, silk, and leather. Generally, satin is the most attractive material that gives the dress a smooth and easy appearance. Silk is also a very delicate and interesting material since it is thinner and smooth to touch. Finally, leather is durable, strong, and elegant when attached to other accessories like beads or charms. Therefore, material plays a crucial role in the quality of the dress.

2. Style 

Chinese dress comes in a variety of styles. The most popular is the traditional Chinese dresses and robe chinoise. The traditional style is the most beautiful and has the highest artistic detail work. In addition, traditional Chinese coats come in attractive styles such as peony or pheasant print, dragon and phoenix pattern, qi pattern, floral pattern, and even some voguish new items like a happy bird and crazy horse, or peacock print.

3. Colour 

Women tend to like more attractive color combinations. The color of a dress may vary from pink to hot pink, light blue, or even purple. Women most prefer the color that reflects the wearer’s personality. Generally, colors such as black, white, and grey are preferred by Chinese women.

4. Fabric

Chinese dress comes in different fabrics, such as satin, silk, velvet, and leather. Satin is smooth, delicate, and has a touchable appearance. Satin comes in many colors, such as black, blue, white, and purple. Silk is slightly more expensive than satin, making the dress look very soft and smooth. 

In conclusion, considering all the above factors will help you choose the best Chinese dress. It would help if you were careful about the design and material of your favorite dress since quality plays a very big role