Jeans are every woman’s fashion-best friend that would never let you down. This versatile piece of clothing will always be your go-to whether you are a quirky teen going to your very first-party or a fashionista who can make jeans look high fashion. We get it, we always need jeans, but in times like Covid-19, it’s not always safe to step out to buy a new pair. So, what do we do? We resort to online shopping! It can be a hit-or-miss situation for people who aren’t used to buying clothes online. Luckily, we’re here to ensure that you are not wasting your time calling customer support to get you the correct size. With our amazing yet practical tips, you will never regret online jeans shopping ever!   

1. Know your measurements and size: 

There’s no such thing as a perfect-fit-for-all. Every woman’s body is unique and different, so it’s best that you know the size you are ordering for. There’s no point in squeezing yourself in the wrong size. Therefore, start measuring from the very top of your hip bone because that’s where you’ll find your waist (between the lowest rib and your hip). Don’t hold your breath while measuring, and keep it level with your belly button. For your butt measurement, place the tape around where the zipper is from the front and just above the top of your hip from the back. Just in case, you should also measure your preferred rise and inseam. 

2. Consider the style and type you want: 

The next step is to know which style of jeans you want. Do you prefer bootcut jeans, or are plus size skinny jeans your go-to pants? They may all look the same to you online, but you better know which type of jeans are ideal for your body shape. For instance, boyfriend, wide-leg, and mom jeans have been prominent in the fashion trends this year. These are great if comfort is your number one priority, but they also look edgy if paired with suitable tops. If you have particularly athletic calves and thighs, straight-leg jeans will do wonders for you, while wide-leg jeans will offer you that extra lower-leg space. Whatever your preference, you should know the type you are going for before ordering one online. 

3. Checkout the brand’s size chart: 

Once your measurements are sorted out, you should compare them with the brand’s size chart. Every brand has its own size chart, which features various measurements (hip, waist, etc.) in inches or cm and jean size (26, 27, 28, etc.). Those who are new to the online shopping world can follow a rule of thumb where their waist size should lime up with the denim size. For example, if your waist measures up between 27.5 and 28, then you are probably a size 28. Also, it would help to look at the size the model is wearing in the picture so that you can visualize the style on yourself. A final tip, when in extreme doubt, order a size up!  

4. Fabric content is essential: 

While you may not have the luxury to feel the fabric in online shopping, you can always check the fabric content. That little text that says ‘Item Description’ at the bottom should not be ignored because it tells you precisely what you are buying. For instance, if you aren’t a fan of 100% cotton jeans with high rigidity, select the item whose description says, ‘spandex or Tencel.’ It is an excellent choice to go for denim with 2% elastane or spandex because they offer a forgiving stretch that suffices the ordering of the wrong size. The best option when ordering jeans online is to select the fabric that’s comfy but not too baggy, structured, but not too tight. 

5. Understand the fit and look of the jean: 

A single type of jeans can’t always compliment various fittings and styles. When taking the matter online, you should know which size and fabric will go with which type of fitting and look. For instance, if you prefer to reveal less of your stomach area, look for jeans marked ‘mid-rise,’ particularly when you don’t like how low or high the jeans hit your waist. Similarly, when it comes to the look of the jeans, figure out which wash and silhouette work for your style. For example, there’s nothing better than light-washed or distressed jeans to make your legs look exquisite. On the other hand, if you are on the petite side and desire the illusion of long legs, go for dark-colored trousers, jeans, or whisker-free flares. 

6. Don’t forget the comments and the reviews:

There’s nothing more entertaining than reading how you were saved from buying the wrong jeans because someone else did it for you. Yes, we are talking about customer reviews and comments that are a lifesaver in these times of online shopping. We know how the memes go because it’s always a big disappointment when comparing what you ordered versus what you got is a big flop. Therefore, unless you are familiar with the brand, always check out the reviews for your order item. Look for the most brutally honest comments, and it’s a jackpot if a picture is attached. 

7. Go with the brand you are familiar with: 

Lastly, the safest way of receiving your favorite pair of jeans precisely the way you saw it online is to go for brands you are familiar with. Not just familiar, but big names like Levi’s, J Brand, Agolde, etc., are always on point with their product even when you purchase them online. There is no shame in not following the trend and sticking to what you are comfortable with. Tried-and-true brands are pretty consistent with their sizing and fabric, which is why they are worth every penny. 


Nobody likes their jeans riding up to the point where it feels like a nasty wedgie. That’s why women are reluctant to buy stuff online because nothing beats the satisfaction of trying on what you are going to buy. Fortunately, you are on the right blog if you have had a bad experience buying clothes like jeans online. We’ve brought you some foolproof tips that are going to make your next online shopping experience a piece of cake. So, get on it and get shopping!