Hydraulic pumps and motors

Hydraulic pumps and motors Poclain: reliable components for demanding applications

As a hydraulic specialist, I have had the pleasure of working with hydraulic pumps and motors from Poclain in various projects. These components have proven themselves as reliable and efficient solutions for a wide range of applications. In this article, I will share my personal experience and knowledge about hydraulic pumps and motors from Poclain, as well as their spare parts. Hydraulic parts Poclain

Reliability and durability

Hydraulic pumps and motors from Poclain are known for their exceptional reliability and durability. They are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring their long service life even in the most severe conditions. I have personally seen these components work in heavy industrial conditions, such as mining and construction, and they consistently demonstrate superior performance. Hydraulic parts Poclain can be purchased at aspect-plus

High efficiency

Poclain pumps and motors are also known for their high efficiency. Their advanced design minimizes energy losses, leading to reduced fuel consumption and higher productivity. In a project I worked on, installing Poclain pumps on an excavator resulted in a significant reduction in fuel consumption and increased machine productivity.

Wide range of applications

Hydraulic pumps and motors from Poclain are suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Construction equipment (excavators, bulldozers, cranes)
  • Mining equipment (drilling rigs, dump trucks)
  • Agricultural machinery (tractors, combines)
  • Forestry equipment (harvesters, forwarders)
  • Industrial equipment (presses, conveyors)

Spare parts and technical maintenance

To ensure optimal performance of hydraulic pumps and motors from Poclain, it is important to use genuine spare parts and perform regular technical maintenance. Poclain offers a wide range of spare parts, including seals, bearings, and valves, which guarantee that the components will operate at maximum efficiency.

I recommend regular technical maintenance, such as oil and filter changes, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. This will help extend the service life of the components and prevent costly repairs.

Personal experience

In one of my recent projects, I used a Poclain hydraulic pump on an excavator operating in high dust conditions. The pump worked for over 2000 hours without any issues, demonstrating its exceptional reliability and durability.

In another project, I replaced a Poclain hydraulic motor on a drilling rig used for drilling wells over 1000 meters deep. The motor worked flawlessly throughout the project, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the drilling rig.


Hydraulic pumps and motors from Poclain are reliable and efficient components that are ideal for a wide range of applications. Their high reliability, durability, and efficiency make them an excellent choice for demanding hydraulic systems. With a wide range of spare parts and ease of maintenance, Poclain pumps and motors provide maximum performance and long service life.