Understanding if You’re Dealing With a Lactation Issue

Biology Isn’t Always Predictable

When you reached adulthood, you realized certain foods didn’t agree with you that you used to eat regularly. They were the source of some health issue, likely involved with digestion. So you began to avoid those foods, even though they may have been perfectly natural and delicious. Excess sugars tend to be problematic, as an example.

Human biology isn’t nearly so well understood as the authorities of today’s world would have us believe. Sure, we’re further than we were, but that’s like counting all the grains of sand in one square foot of beach. There are still millions of square feet full of billions of sand particles to enumerate.


As a mom, you would think lactation is not an issue. However, what you eat, your levels of physical fitness, where you’re at mentally, the baby’s health, and your own tolerance for pain can all contribute to lactation issues.

The baby may not latch properly. You could experience a milk duct blockage. The pain of lactation can rub your paps raw, making it difficult or impossible to nurse. Sometimes babies are born with one or two teeth, and that’s painful, too.

Steps to Help Enable Healthy Lactation

Petroleum jelly and other salves can help soothe this pain, and your nipples will toughen up eventually. Starting out, though, things may be surprisingly uncomfortable; and that’s if everything is going as it should. Even further complicating the issue are health problems which require the experience of a professional to soothe or correct.


If you think you’re dealing with issues that could be harmful to your health as regards lactation, you definitely want to find the right medical assistance. There are things you can do at home to help narrow down the condition you’re dealing with. For example, here’s a link that can help you anticipate and recognize key signs of mastitis.

If it turns out you have a condition like mastitis, then you’ll want to take steps to curb this inflamed infection of breast tissue. Lactation professionals may advise a variety of different best practices associated with helping you get back to normal. Sometimes you’ll want to express milk separately from traditional feedings.

This will require bottles and a breast pump. Pumping in advance is also something you may want to do if your newborn makes you feel too sore to nurse them properly. So before you even give birth, talk to a lactation professional you trust so you know what issues you’re likely to encounter, and you can acquire the proper tools (and supplements) in advance.

Nourishing the Health of You and Your Newborn

When you’re prepared, the unexpected doesn’t cause you as much trouble. In a pinch, you can always scramble to find a solution, but that’s going to reduce your margin for error, and such actions can be risky to you and your newborn. Get the information and resources you need in advance.