The first thing to know about DUI/DWI Specialists is that they are not attorneys. This is because an attorney is needed to represent the defendant, who is likely charged with intoxicated driving causing death or serious bodily injury.

The second important characteristic of a Maryland DUI Lawyer, which distinguishes them from lawyers, is that they have experience in evidence collection and analysis and have a comprehensive knowledge of laws related to the criminal justice system.

DUI/DWI Specialists

How to Know if Your DUI/DWI Case is Serious?

  • If you have been arrested for DUI/DWI, you may face serious charges and the consequences of a conviction. At this point, you must know whether your case is considered severe. The fact that someone has died or suffered significant bodily injury will make the case more complicated and require a more intensive approach. It has been clear that this type of case is often associated with other crimes such as assault with a deadly weapon or murder.
  • The courts can also make driving under the influence convictions more severe. For example, depending on the timing of the conviction, one may face a 2-year suspension instead of a 1-year suspension. In addition, if you get arrested repeatedly for DUI/DWI and convicted, you can be placed on probation for up to five years or have a maximum jail sentence of six months. Because of it, it is best to hire an experienced DUI/DWI specialist to help you with your case.

Why Hire a DUI/DWI Specialist?

  • The most important reason you should hire a DUI/DWI specialist over a lawyer is that the specialist will have an in-depth knowledge of the laws regarding DUI/DWI. Also, the specialized will have access to reliable information regarding evidence collection and analysis. Because of these factors, this service provider can help you with your case.
DUI/DWI Specialists
  • Finding an Expert can be quite challenging because many attorneys specialize in this field. However, you can easily find one by using an internet search engine or a local attorney’s association. You will want to talk with the lawyer before engaging them in your case.

To ensure that you get the best possible representation as a Maryland DUI Lawyer, it is best to choose someone who has experience handling these cases and plenty of testimonials. The specialist should also understand the penalties associated with the crime and how to deal with the range of effects a conviction can have on one’s life.