Even the best content can get rejected if there are grammatical errors or plagiarism issues in it. Bloggers, students, and content writers have to submit content that is unique and appealing. 

Sometimes it becomes difficult to create such content, so numerous online tools make this task easier. This article will discuss six helpful online text editors that help and make writing easy for bloggers. 

What do online text editors do? 

Online text editors are available online for free to edit texts and files and make it easier for people to write unique and error-free content. 

These are a part of the latest technologies that do the work of bloggers hassle-free. These tools work on the latest AI technology and provide human-level results. 

These tools use to edit plain texts. Bloggers can use these tools to make your text free of grammatical mistakes and also plagiarism. 

These allow you to save and share your output results. They can even paraphrase your text using these tools and make your content unique and specific. The output can be saved as either pdf or as a doc file. 

Let’s discuss a few of the best text editors that are useful for bloggers: 

1. Prepostseo.com


The topmost tool that is the best and value for bloggers is prepostseo.com. This tool is easily accessible and is available online for free. It is easy to use and understand. 

It provides salient features for its users and works on the latest technologies, generating excellent and unique output. 


Prepostseo gives its users various features and facilities that include: 

No Installation Is Needed

It might become hectic and time-consuming for bloggers to download and access some text editor tools. But this tool relief them of this task and is easily accessible. It can use online without doing any installation.

It would help if you opened it, and you can use all its features for free. It becomes very convenient, time-saving, and money-saving for bloggers. This tool can be used on different devices and hence can use anywhere and anytime. 

Significant Error-free Editing 

As you know, there is no room for errors in publishing the content on a blog, and bloggers need to post content that is 100% unique and correct. 

But there might be some mistakes made by a human resource, to cover up this task you can use prepostseo tool. This tool helps you eliminate all the grammatical errors from your text and provides you with error-free content. 

Generates output in a short time

Bloggers have to publish content daily, and it must be on time. To make the content ready in a short time, they can use this tool. Even a large text can be altered in a short time using this tool. 

Generates plagiarism-free content

The most important thing for a blogger is to post a plagiarism-free article. It is the only way to get their content recognized, appreciated, and ranked. This tool will detect any duplicate text and help you remove any plagiarism from it. 

How to Use This Tool? 

This tool is straightforward to use and can understand by everyone. 

There is an input box present where you can upload or copy your content. Click on the option you want to choose (check grammar, check plagiarism, paraphrase it, save as pdf or doc) and the output will show in the output box below. 

2. Editpad.org


This tool is also available accessible online and can use by bloggers for editing their text. 


Removes Grammatical Errors

This tool removes the grammar mistakes from your text and hence provides you with error-free content. 

Provides Suggestions 

While generating unique content, this tool also gives suggestions to its users to improve the clarity, flow, and readability of their text.

Gives Revisions

The tools allow tracking revision so that you can see and review the changes that you have made. 

3. Check-plagiarism.com


It is a creative text editor and provides various features that include. 


No Registration Needed

To access this tool, bloggers don’t need to register themselves; that can be very time-saving and convenient. 

Easy Sharing 

Bloggers can make their content unique using this tool and will be able to share it easily. It allows easy sharing. 

Safe and Secure

Bloggers need to keep their content free from stealing or copying. This tool makes sure to keep their content safe and secure after editing. 

4. utilities-online.info


It is a simple text editor and functions like MS word. It provides multiple useful features. 


Change Text Style and Font

This tool allows you to change the style and font of your text that can make your text appealing and exciting to read. 

Option to Insert Image

This tool gives an option to add an image to your text. It can be handy for bloggers as they can make their content enjoyable by adding images. 

Add Special Characters 

Also, this tool can use to insert special characters in your text. You can even add emotions to your text.

5. Justnotepad.com

This simple text editor tool allows users to edit their text quickly and provides impressive features for its users. 


Find and Replace Specific Words

Users can find and replace certain words written in the text. It will allow them to create new words and sentences that are plagiarism-free. 

Easy To Save 

Writers can save the modified file into any device easily. It is just a simple click-on. 

Used On Smart Devices

It becomes effortless for bloggers to use this tool as it can be opened and used on smartphones. Hence it is easy to use anywhere and anytime. 

6. Onlinenotepad.io


This is a completely free-to-use online notepad that bloggers can use to take notes of essential things. The tools feature a user-intuitive interface which means users with zero technical background can easily make use of this online notepad. 

Useful Features: 

This free online notepad offers several useful features, some of the major ones are as follows: 

  • Formatting options like MS Word, & Google Docs:

This online WordPad offers a number of text formatting options just MS Word and Google Docs. For instance, it allows users to add headings (H1, H2, H3…H6) to the text. This can be quite useful for bloggers. 

Along with this, it also gives the option to make the text bold, italic, or underlined. Moreover, it also allows bloggers to insert pictures in the text. 

  • Download and share: 

Online notepad allows bloggers to download notes in multiple file formats i.e., text, PDF, or MS Word files. Not only this, but it also gives the option to share the notes on social media, email, etc. 

  • Availability of applications and dark mode:

This online notepad also has applications for Android, iPhone, and desktop users. Apart from this, it also offers a dark mode for bloggers with sensitive eye conditions.  


It might become difficult for bloggers to choose a text editor for their content as numerous excellent tools are available online. We made it easy by shortlisting a few best helpful text editors in this article.