Many people have questions like what companies are in the transportation field and they look for the best service when transporting.

Below we have explained and reviewed two of the best companies that are famous for transporting in different cities. 

You can read and judge which of the companies is suitable for your transportation.  


DHL is the world’s leading international express services provider, offering a comprehensive portfolio of logistics solutions for global trade.

 With more than 220,000 employees in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, DHL is uniquely positioned to help customers transport their goods across borders and customs, to clear local regulatory requirements, and to help secure trade documentation. 

Uber is the most highly valued ride-sharing company in the world, having raised over $9 billion to date, and the second-largest privately held company in the world with over 290 facility locations across 77 countries and 69 cities. It operates a disintermediated network of self-driving taxis and riders and has pioneered the new gig economy by creating a system for on-demand quality service. 

The company employs approximately 374,000 people and has been valued at nearly $70 billion by Fortune magazine. Air New Zealand is the national flag-bearer for New Zealand’s short-haul airline industry, with a fleet of 175 Boeing 787 Dreamliners and 14 737 Max aircraft. 

Their brand enhances the lifestyle of their customers with a fine-tuned mix of EasyJet, First Class, Private Jet, and Premium class travel while offering an outstanding baggage carousel service, as well as 24/7 cleaning, communication, and troubleshooting. 

The Jeep Liberty is one of the most luxurious Jeep models ever produced and is powered by a 6.7-liter diesel engine with a maximum output of 450 horsepower per hour. 

Jeep starts its sales in the United States in early 2016 but is already sold in 130 countries worldwide. The Kraft Heinz Company has 122 manufacturing plants and 16 distribution centers around the world. 

They operate more than 400 products and dispensing facilities and are involved in marketing, sales, and service for Heinz Foods, Kashi, and Arrowroot ketchup, as well as cider vinegar, baking soda, baby formulas, and baby products. 

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of custom-built single-family residences, BNSF, Inc. has 391 North American locations and 24,000 employees daily on track to meet the needs of current and future marketplace clients.


The UPS guy is like a celebrity. He’s your best friend. You can’t wait to see what he has brought you. FedEx is the world’s largest parcel delivery company. 

They were started in 1911 by John F. Kennedy. In 1940, President Franklin D. Roosevelt tasked John A. Sack, President of the United States Postal Service, with organizing a series of companies to get the United States into war footing. 

Mr. Sack called all 29 of America’s regional delivery service companies together in 1941, and together they developed, manufactured, and delivered the first three integrated packages: newspapers, magazines, and radio stations. 

Sure, you probably only see FedEx and UPS trucks when you are pulling out of the driveway or loading up a delivery truck on the side of the road. But they are not the only two in business. 

There is a whole fleet of smaller companies too! Check out the infographic below for a full list of all the companies: Franklin Roosevelt also did some other unique things.

 He banned shorts and sports bras in the U.S. from 1940–1942. He also mandated that woman must wear hats and sunglasses while at work. 

While it seems like he was restricting women from certain things, Ford (and later, UPS) came up with some creative ways to support women in the workplace. 

Boeing is the largest air cargo company in the world. Like many companies around the world, they formed this in 1889 justin tv gameon

They were founded by a group of investors who saw the commercial potential of air travel, noting that airplanes could be much cheaper to operate than ships. As with many companies, this has changed a good bit since 1889. 

The success of air travel started to grow in the 1950s and the airlines created a thriving business. In 1969, Ted Koppel hosted the first pilot program in CBS’s 60 Minutes.