What does an online kind of work such as the outstaffing mean? The outstaffing is a type of work, regardless of the location of employees in the company, while a certain number of workers are dismissed. The outstaffer is an intermediary who builds relationships between the company and employees. The outstaffing involves hiring specialists from related firms to carry out the company’s work assignments, reporting to the business owner. The client company offers to hire employees to carry out the necessary assignments, and the company that shares its employees acts as an employer. This company is responsible for the wages, incentives and equipment needed by workers.

Mechanism of the outstaffing

The simple outstaffing mechanism is that your company (or an intermediary outstaffing company) hires experienced workers who work in their usual place. These specialists are designers, developers, analysts and other professionals who fulfill your task. Different companies often overlap in their development when they need the services of remote specialists to fulfill their needs. That is, the outstaffing will justify the wishes of the company, depending on the type of activity and its goals.

Pros of the outstaffing

 The outfitting has a number of benefits that greatly benefit businesses that implement this type of remote activity. There are some of them:

 1)Opportunity to hire outstanding professionals in the right field and at the same time not pay taxes, insurance, salaries, etc. for them. 

 2) The outstaffing rates are low and the most reasonable compared to other examples of business.

3) Due to the fact that the outstaffing firm you choose is an employer for remote workers, you are not legally hired.

4) The ability to hire workers only for seasonal work, and not make them permanently recruited. 

5) The ability to substitute a schedule.

 6) Increasing the investment attractiveness of the company.

Cons of the outstaffing

While the outstaffing can perform your business tasks productively, it does come with disadvantages and risks. There are some of them:

1)Contractors may not be able to fulfill the responsibilities they have assumed if the instructions they receive are unclear.

2) The negligent attitude of employees towards the organization that is their employer is also a minus of the outstaffing. 

3) We need high-quality communication methods that bring additional costs. 

4) Due to the fact that you have complete control over the leadership of the development team, you will need software development and qualifications to do so.

5) Increased control requires increased responsibility, so the company-client bears more responsibility for the final result.  

 6) Delivery of the completed product is under the direction of the client and his work team.


 The outstaffing is an effective way to achieve profitable and productive results for your company. However, there is an additional responsibility to be aware of that you must be prepared to take on a remote development team because you have complete control over the software development process.

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