Depression is increasing rapidly in every age group of people. It leads to so many mental health issues as well as physical issues. Some people have minor anxiety issues that can be treated by medical-assisted treatment. But sometimes, a patient has some serious issues due to depression and cannot do daily chores. 

TMS Therapy For Depression And Anxiety

Physiologists use different methods like medications, behaviour therapies, electric shock treatment and transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy. TMS is the newest among all the treatments. It has the magnetic power of a pulsed magnetic field to stimulate the brain cells and nerves. Here are the reasons why TMS therapy should be considered while having depression given below:

1. Less Risk Of Side Effects

There are a large group of medications that patients take to cure depression, but that can lead to many side effects. Also, you can become addicted to these or cure the depression of TMS without having any side effects. TMS therapy helps improve the brain’s blood cells and calm the nerves. By getting TMS therapy, patients will feel the difference even after the first therapy session. However, there is a one percent chance that someone gets side effects of TMS therapy. Otherwise, it is very safe to have TMS therapy for depression. 

2. Painless Treatment

Compared to the electric shock treatment, the TMS treatment has no pain to feel. In old-time hyper, depressed patients used to treat with electric shock treatment. In electric shock, treatment patient is unconscious and doesn’t feel anything. TMS therapy is provided to the patient when he or she is fully awake and can feel the therapy done. This is because the tms clinic costa mesa ca give so many facilities to its patient. The whole therapy duration is 40 minutes. The period of TMS sessions is over, between 4 or 6 weeks.

TMS Therapy For Depression And Anxiety

3. No Need For Strong Medicines

 When a patient has hyper depression, they switch to medicines. But without having any perception, a patient should not take any medication. Some patients take the help of self-medication which can lead to many side effects.  On the other side, when you take the help of TMS therapy, you don’t need to take medicines. This is because medicines can cure your mental health issue temporary. But when you take the help of TMS therapy, it can cure your mental health disorders perfectly.  

If you are near ones or have depression issues and don’t want medication to cure them, then you can take the help of TMS therapy. It will heal your depression and mental health issues correctly and without pain.