If you were ever a Friends’ fan, you certainly know the line. As with the triffle made by Rachel, that had layers of jam, whipped cream and minced meat (!), a logo has to have everything one likes and even more. There is no recipe, or if there is, it has to be adjusted to the needs and desires of the beneficiary.


This is why, without minimising your talent, knowledge and potential, you have to hire a specialist, a Businesslogo design. Paying for something so little and so simple may seem unpractical, but the fact that the entire future of your brand depends on it, from a certain point of view, should be convincing enough.

Good logos go a long way. They can inspire, motivate, generate powerful feelings that will translate into a sort of communication with your public. They define the brand and symbolise all its story. If your expectations were clearly formulated, you’ll be given a logo that incorporates both the history of the brand and its plans for the future, together with all the important things it stands for – values and views upon the world.

You should not expect to be presented with the perfect logo on the first try, not even if you are the owner of a modern minimalist business where things are all nice and tidy. Because finding the right fit can be difficult. Although you may think your view is clear, the designer may not understand it on his/her first attempt or may not have all the data. Usually, this process is made easier by a sort of a brief, a document where the client states all the mandatories, the image they want to build, the message they want transmitted. This makes things more practical and leaves less room for errors that are timeconsuming and sometimes very frustrating.

minimalist logo design

You should always be honest when giving feedback, as at the end of the ordeal there should not be anything you don’t like. Ask for things until they are all met and the general idea is exactly what you hoped for, you’ll stay with the logo forever, so the love affair must have 100% compatibility. Although it may seem like it takes too long, time isn’t the essence here, as it is less important when the final result is delivered, as it will outlast any other promotional effort you may do. Don’t be afraid to take chances, be openminded and never say „no” until you have given it some thought, because there are a lot of Joeys out there who could eat minced meat and whipped cream like a long awaited delicacy. You don’t necessarily need to be one of them, just not dismiss things based on the first impression. If you’ve chosen your logo designer right, they will come up with someting amazing at some point.