Being in love is one thing, but keeping the spark alive over the years is more challenging than you imagine. The initial attraction wanes in a couple of years, and career and family responsibilities affect physical intimacy down the line. You will probably never find time to connect deeply amid the daily rush. Traveling together is an excellent way to rekindle the flame. Weekend getaways are ideal for busy couples as they are easy on the wallet. Moreover, you need not worry about taking a long break from work or leaving kids behind for an extended period. But you must follow some rules to make the trip as romantic as possible. Here are the ones to have a memorable experience.

Rule #1- Minimize travel time

A weekend getaway often entails a road trip to a nearby destination. Ensure choosing wisely because the last thing you want is to spend the most time on the road. Bear the same rule in mind when flying for the trip. Minimizing travel time means you will have more time together, which is the very purpose of the break. Book accommodation in advance so that you can head to the room straight away. 

Rule #2- Stay off the phone

As a rule, you must stay off the phone whenever you get time with your partner. It is even more crucial on a romantic getaway. The only thing that deserves your attention is your relationship. Call the kids a couple of times a day to check on them. But remember to ditch work calls and emails. Avoiding social media during the trip is a good idea to focus only on romance. 

Rule #3- Spend more time in bed

A romantic getaway should be about reclaiming physical intimacy rather than sightseeing. The last thing you want is to feel exhausted and hit the bed after a day of exploring the city. Lock yourself up in the room instead and spend more time in bed. Have fun and relive the old days to ignite the flame. You can even pack along a real whizzinator XXX to get the thrill going. Every moment should be pleasurable, so shed your inhibitions because no one is around. 

Rule #4- Dress to impress

Besides indulging in physical intimacy, looking good should be on top of your wishlist to bring the attraction back into the relationship. Carry your best outfits for walks on the beach and romantic dinners during the trip. Do not skimp on gorgeous lingerie, as it can make the bedroom moments even more special. Forget being body-conscious, and be confident in your skin. 

Rule #5- Pamper each other

If you wish to come really close during a romantic getaway, find unique ways to pamper each other. You can pack a secret gift for your partner or plan a surprise dinner by the poolside. A romantic massage in the morning sets a romantic mood. Follow it up with a bath in a hot tub infused with aromatic oils. Treat each other as a new couple to get the vibes back before returning home. 

These simple rules can make the shortest romantic trip worthwhile, regardless of where you go. Follow them to fall in love again!