Food is the most important thing an animal owner should concern about. Like humans, animals need a balanced diet. Especially they should have healthy foods. Ferret owners also have these questions. We here try to free you from one question. Can ferrets eat bananas?

Can ferrets eat bananas?

This is a very controversial point. Many people have different opinions on this. It is really hard to find out. If you search google about this, watch on youtube about this or use any other source, you will also see they have different answers. In this article, we are present facts neutrally.

First things first. If you give bananas to a ferret it will eat. They don’t refuse bananas and that is a usual thing. Ferrets can eat bananas but that is not mean banana is healthy for them anyway. 

How can you feed ferrets bananas? Well. You can feed them peeled bananas or without peeling. They will eat but non-peeled bananas are very dangerous to ferrets. Please read this article to the end because we include details about that.

Are bananas Safe For ferrets?

Some give a huge NO for this. They say basically, ferrets are carnivorous animals. They are kind of right. These animals eat only meat for a long time. Their digestive system is adopted for digestion. They depend on meat, not anything at all. Vegetables or fruits are high in carbohydrates and sugar. Complex carbohydrate molecules hard to digitate. This can be dangerous. Your ferret can get sick if it eats bananas.

But people who hold an opposing opinion on this say bananas are safe for a ferret. Some facts feel us they are right. Some fruits are not at all appropriate. Graphs, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, and lime are prohibited for ferrets completely. Not even a very small amount you should give them. But the thing is bananas are not on that list. So bananas are safe for ferrets? 

Well. Some say that. There is a guy in Canada who feeds his ferrets banana pretty much every day and his ferrets are still live healthily. We also heard the opposite story from Canada. Why is this different? Multiple reasons can cause it. The amount they fed and how they fed, the species, and more.

Benefits of ferrets Eating Bananas

Before we talk about the benefits of ferrets eating bananas first, let’s talk about nutritions include in bananas. 

The nutrition information about 1 medium-sized banana (think it is 100 grams) are 

  • Water: 75% 
  • Calories: 89 
  • Fiber: 2.6 grams 
  • Protein: 1.1 grams 
  • Carbs: 22.8 grams 
  • Sugar: 12.2 grams 
  • Fat: 0.3 grams

If you look above list carefully, you can see how important nutritions include in bananas. There is no doubt bananas are good and have many benefits but that is for humans. Are ferrets have the benefits of eating bananas?

If we talk about ferrets digestive tract, it has a simple stomach, duodenum, jejuno-ileum, colon, and rectum. It is a very simple digestive tract. They have not a proper caecum and no ileocolic valve. It is adapted for digest meats. Even if they eat their intestines are very narrow. Like many humans they also need fiber.

Banana is rich in fiber. 100g of banana contains 2.6g of fiber which is enough for ferrets. Even ferrets need fiber, they only want a few amounts so do not overfeed them. But some meets contain fiber which is enough for them. Also, there is no other major benefit but some benefits are there.

Potassium is great for heart health and controlling the blood pressure of ferrets. Also bananas have vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps them to produce red blood cells. Metabolize carbs and fats can keep the nervous system well. Like humans, vitamin C also helps terrets to absorb iron and protects against tissue and cell damage. Manganese can helps the terret to produce collagen, which in turn protects the skin and bones.

What should be the limit?

According to people who say bananas not safe for ferrets, any amount of banana is too much. But in the opposite opinion, there are some things we should concern about. 

I said few things about ferrets’ digestive system. They have a very tiny intestine. So they can’t each too much anything. Another thing is their digestive system is for digest meats, not vegetables or fruits. 

After concerning all those facts, if you still want to feed your ferret bananas, give them a small amount like 15 g for a day. That will enough to fulfill their fiber needs. Don’t feed over 25 g for any reason. Also, never feed a ferret banana with the peel. That is very harmful. Always remove the peel before the feed.

Are Bananas Bad for ferrets?

There are many reasons for bananas being unsafe and bad fruit for ferrets. The main reason is it is a carnivorous animal so they only eat meat in their nature. 

Ferret being a carnivorous animal effect many ways. The first one is their digestive system. It adapted to absorb protein. But only by meat. They can’t absorb vegetable proteins well don’t even try that. But bananas contain complex carbohydrate molecules and a high amount of sugar which is 12.2 g in 100 g. They can not digest complex molecules or sugar well. That causes them sick or even death.

What are the other fruits that ferrets can eat and can’t eat?

Well. We talked about few fruits above. Some of them are prohibited for ferrets with no doubt but some are labeled as edible but people doubt that.

First, start with the prohibited list. Graphs, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, and lime. Let’s talk about why they are prohibited.

Grapes are famous as toxic to many animals. Cat and dogs are on that list. Also, ferrets should not eat grapes. Grapes can excess consumption will cause kidney failure. The true toxic dose is still don’t know. So don’t feed them grapes if you love your ferret.

Orange can cause stomach upset especially if fed in too big a portion. Some sources say you can remove the rind and any seeds and feed a small amount and that gives the ferret health benefits. But we recommend do not feeding your ferret any part of the orange tree. The same goes for lemons and limes.

Bottom line

The summary of this article is like this. The answer to the ‘Can ferrets eat bananas ?’ question is highly doubtful. Some say bananas not safe for the because. They are carnivorous. Some say the current amount of bananas will give some benefits and it is safe.

What we say is, you should not risk an animal’s life. So if you want to feed your ferret bananas please check first with a small amount and there are no symptoms you can feed the proper amount that I mentioned above. Also, you can check our other articles.