How fantastic if you would store the herbal quality nutritious plant known as asparagus for longer use? We know, it is not a globally spread plant. So, if you could find a way to store those as it’s own fresh form, it will be a massive help for people all around the world. Even you may export the well-arranged packs and containers. If someone has heard about freezing fresh plant-based food products, he or she may end up with the question ” can you freeze asparagus?” If so, it is not wrong. As we identified so far, freezing is one of an ideal way to keep the natural qualities for a longer period. Here, the length means even more than a year sometimes. Thus, it will be a wonderful try to prepare some packs with fresh asparagus and packing it gently in a freezer.

Can you freeze fresh asparagus with blanching?

Yes! If you want, you may try blanching as well. Actually, it will extend the time period of preservation. But, since ideally, we recommending to preserve these sticks for nearly eight to nine months, blanching is not much important factor. At the same time, since you are dipping the pieces in water containers with the highest and lowest temperature for this procedure, it might destroy some important nutrients as well. So, we suggest freezing this herb without balancing for needs of less than four months.

However, if you need to keep those a bit longer, you should blanch it. Definitely, there will be no other options. Think you have decided to wait until the period to buy some fresh pieces, it might cause several problems including out seasons, higher demands and expensive price tags.

How to freeze soup made from this herb?

Soup? Yes! A good idea. Actually, you may try freezing prepared meals apart from fresh parts. Then how will it work? First of all, let’s see how to prepare soup with this herbal agent.

Here, you need to collect the following things at the very beginning.

  • One cup of asparagus ends and half a cup of spears
  • Onion and carrot, leeks or celery
  • One and half a cup of chicken stock
  • A small amount of butter, salt and pepper as your preference

Next, you have to clean all the collected ingredients well. And chop the vegetables you have selected. Actually, you do not need to add all the vegetables we have mentioned here. Apart from that, you may select a few choices as your taste. Then, keep a pan on the oven and place chicken stock, water and chopped pieces of leaves, onion and asparagus. Now, stir well until it smelled a nice and mouth-watering fragrance all over the area. Then, turn off the flames.

Finally, you may keep this until the soup reach room temperature. Next, place the container with soup inside a polythene bag and seal it well. You may preserve asparagus taste for nearly two or three months with this method.

Things to keep in mind

If someone is still in doubt about can you freeze asparagus, the answer is yes! But, if you need to gain the maximum herbal qualities, we are suggesting to freeze it less than three to four months. If not, you have to blanch it before freezing. Actually, it may diminish the herbal value for some extend. Well, this is an open platform for all to state your experiences. We are waiting to hear from you!