We know spinach is a pool of nutrients. So, the ancient people had used several methods to prepare this wonderful vegetable. Even though currently we are not aware of all these, we used to add spinach for several kinds of daily recipes. isn’t it? But, the only matter is lacking preservative methods for this vegetable. Actually, we know the base of it is the green leaves and water. Thus, the one and only option remaining are to freeze. Hence, how can you freeze spinach? Will it be a successful thing to avail its nutrient value for a longer period? Here, what we mean through “longer” is the utilizing spinach for at least throughout the year just by one harvesting period. Actually, this is not a matter for people who are living in a country with a pleasant climate. But, the people living in countries like seasonal changes in maximum should know all these methods.

How can you freeze fresh spinach; here is the first method!

This is so simple. First of all, collect enough amount of sample and wash it out with clean and clear flowing water. Now, actually, we need to dry the leaves before freezing. If not, the bacteria can survive easily under the optimal conditions. So, we suggest drying the fresh sample with paper towels or keeping it under to room air for a few minutes in a frozen tray. Next; once you take a frozen sample it is too difficult to manipulate. Thus, if you have stored a chopped or cut sample as your requirement, you may use it easily. Isn’t it? Hence, now, you may cut the leaves into small pieces.

Then, take a few sealing type polythene bags and carefully arrange the sample into it. Next, remove the excess air in the bag without damaging the leaves. Well, now you have done almost all the things. Once you freeze the spinach in this way, you would be able to store them for about three to four months period without harming its nutrient value.

Can you freeze cooked spinach with or without blanching?

Actually, we are not suggesting to keep the cooked spinach under the freezer to preserve. At the same time, it will not be pleasant food at the end. But, definitely, we suggest balancing the fresh spinach to allow for maximum preservation period. Here, you should collect a bowl of hot water, a bowl of cold water and a frozen plate. Now, first, you should dip the fresh leaves in hot water and keep it about five minutes. Next, quickly change this sample into the cold water basin. Once it got cooled nearly a three minutes, take it out. Then, you can dry the sample by arranging all over the tray or plate you have prepared earlier.

Finally, packing and keeping under the freezer should follow as we explained earlier.

What is the third method?

Yes! We have already discussed two basic methods. But, if you are a soup enthusiast or if you like juicy texture, you may freeze blended spinach. Often, you may consume those as ice cubes, sources for many other meals plans too.

Share your thoughts?

Do you have any other methods in your mind? Simply, can you freeze spinach by using any other method? If so, we would like to hear from you. Thus, share your thoughts with us. We highly admire your engagement in sharing this kind of rare info!