? It was hard to get some medicine for me , I could not work hard . But, I got a beautiful and healthy baby like you because of his strong and pure love. I didn’t admire him any time mentioning these things. Now, I am too late for that.

? After your arrival, I wished your merits and fairness in front of Lord Buddha. He also did the same. In the evening he picked flowers, sprinkled them, and arranged other things for me. The only thing I did was waiting in front of  the lord Buddha. After worship, He helped to me to get stand and  whispered something along. But I did not ask about it. Before I go to  labour room He said  “don’t be afraid , every day I begged  your merits from Buddha”. Ohh…I had to pray for that. But I did not do it . Now, I am too late for that.

? We donated to wet-nurses , entrusted to all the gods, gave gifts to helpless little babies, heard  blessings for you. All the things done by him.I had to pose according to his word only at the last moment . So he is the only person tried for  protection, and survival of both of us. At that day I didn’t think about his effort . Now, I am too late for that.

? He has to behave under the military law. It is so bother to him by a second of back out. Really , I had some idea about it. But, When I ask for some little issues , He came to me . He never thinks about substitutes for it. Did it affect badly for him? I didn’t ask about it. If there was an issue like that, there is no way to get a new post now. So , It is funny to ask about it now. So I am too late now.

? There isn’t any memory about a single day that I admire his appearance and clothing. But, before I enter the labour room, I dressed by him with a non-shaped dress. He brushed my hair, sprayed some perfume and his eyes filled with my beauty. But I said about my fear only on that day. But, your behavior had impressed my mind and body in that moment. That was the truth but I didn’t say about it. So I am too late now for say it.

? Now you are 4 months old.  There is no any pain for me now. I’m sleeping well now. I’m playing with you now. There is no any hard thing to do. But he is still working for you and me. He hasn’t free time. After he came home, I don’t ask about his tired day. Because,  there are a lot of rules for him now within our room. “Don’t talk loudly. Our son is sleeping now” it’s the voice of mine. “Please don’t  be naughty. Our son is sleeping”. They are my words. “Please don’t put your dresses here. This is son’s room” That are the rules I our room now.

—–  Rules in home are not be second to military laws—–
❤ sometimes you are crying for my love
❤  He is also worrying without my love and affection
All the mistakes are in my hand. I’m too late for everything now.  So I should correct my faults now.
I am too late. But I’m not too late to do corrections in my life.
I am a lovely mother for you. Not only that but also I am a lovely wife for him forever.

Author : Nadeesha Harshani