Are you an individual who often worked in standing posture? Or else, do you have more time to walk in between your working hours? If so, foot pains may be a more troublesome matter for you? Do you know, there are many kinds of pain associated with your foot and heel. So, first of all, you should have an understanding of what kind of pain you are feeling.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to explain the nature of the pain and how it initiates or how it disturbs you to health care professionals. After they identified the pain pathology, they will plan a treatment regime as needed. But, you also have some role to play in here with some home remedies. Here, it is mostly recommended to use essential oils for foot pain at home.

However, do not forget this is one just a temporary pain-relieving mechanism. Thus, it is mandatory to follow physical therapy advises for better care.

Here are the 3 best essential oils for neuropathy foot pain


The foot pains arising with neurological causes are difficult to manage with physical applications. So, it definitely needs nerve stimulation treatments and nerve stretching along with physiotherapy advice. But, somehow, if you use certain oil varieties over the skin, it will give you some friction like feeling along with the mechanical stimulation. Hence, the brain will temporary lockdown the feeling of pain by minimizing passages for stimulus. So, you may use the following oil varieties to overcome this issue.

Tea tree oil

Since this is a potent drug to fight against inflammatory conditions, often, we suggest you use it at home. But, we know the expensive price tags may be a burning matter when you thinking in this solution. If so, you may also try for the following choices!

Ginger oil

Actually, this is somewhat a common variety than all others. So, definitely, you may use it at your home. If you are in trouble to find an oil sample, you may also try with ginger extracts by blending a piece of cleaned and chopped ginger.

Lemon oil

Since this is known as one of an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, you may use those solutions even to overcome the neurological pains for some time. However, since it is more prone to vaporize easily, it will offer you more temporary relief. But, still, this is a good solution to overcome muscular type pains.

How you should apply essential oils for foot pains?

Often, the inhalation methods such as smelling the fragrance or using a vaporizer will do nothing in managing pain in the feet. But, you may use topical application method for better care. But, here, it is not recommended to use these concentrated oils directly over the skin. Actually, it may lead to burns or rashes in longterm or prolonged use. Thus, you may mix any of these oil variety with any of the carrier agent such as coconut oil or olive oil to dilute the solution. But, do not worry it will never minimize the herbal effects.

The things to keep in mind

Here are a few important tips of using essential oils for foot pains. But, we have to emphasise again, this is not the one and only treatment regime. And also, it will never be the final choice of curing protocol. So, you must meet the relevant health care professional for further treatment. Hence, practice your routine of treatments as mentioned here and do not forget to state your experiences in here. We are waiting to see your success!

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