Use of coconut as an excellent hair controller is a common practice among the majority of stylists. So, once you go for a simple but elegant style, they will often spray the oil droplets. Even though, a few remedies are also there to replace this oil, since it is enriched with enough nourishing agents for roots of hair experts always prefer coconut oils. But, the only matter comes after removing the hairstyle is the oily texture which exceeds the normal hair qualities. Actually, this can trouble your daily used free hair. So, once you getting ready to go for daily routines, you will need to remove excessively spread oils from your hair. Hence, we believe following seven tips on how to remove coconut oil from hair will help you a lot to overcome this matter.

7 tips on how to remove coconut oil from hair

Shampoo your scalp and hair

This is an amazing choice to keep your scalp clean and clear. Since most of the shampoo varieties available in chemical natured ingredients, we cannot highly recommend this practice. But, you can easily wash out oil from your hair due to the ability to minimize surface tension of hair surface and oil with chemical compounds. However, if you failed to identify the best products as with hair properties, it can create so many damages including spilt ends, excessive breakages and hair loss. Hence, pay Yor attention as much as possible to find out the best products with the help of a beauty consultant.

 Egg Wash

Even though the homemade dry shampoo made from eggs are a bit rusty in smell, the pretty young girls always ready to bear this difficult feeling just to keep their hair nicely. Further, it is easy to prepare and easy to apply in order to rinse your hair. Here, first, mix two eggs in a cup of cold water and let it dry. Once, the mixture dried well, use your fingertips to spread it evenly all over the scalp and hair follicles. Next, it is better to keep this for fifteen to twenty minutes in order to absorb the nutrients raw eggs to strengthen your hair while removing excessively applied oils.

Lemon juice

The acidic nature of lemon juice is also playing a good role as an excellent medium to wash out excess coconut oil. So, it is recommended to bring two medium-sized lemon fruits and squeeze the extracts into a clean glass bowl. Next, add a few cups of water accordingly. Probably, it is perfect to use only about two cups of water to get an adequate concentration. Now, apply this mixture evenly on every hair follicle and let it release tension in between cell walls and oil. Then, you may wash hair with the daily using product for faster results. Further, most of the times it is recommended to wash the hair with warm water. But, after this lemon therapy, it is good to keep cool your head in order to allow vitamin C to penetrate through cell layers.

Aloe Vera masks and shampoo

This is also a recommended home remedy for so many problems associated with your hair. Actually, this is a well known herbal treatment for enhancing hair growth and minimizing falls. Usually, applying it as a mask and keeping ten to twenty minutes until washing out is the recommended routine over the years.

Backing soda

The pastes like mask prepared by mixing a few tablespoons of baking soda with half a cup of water is also a good solution to wash oily hair. But, since it has a chemical nature, it is good to care about possible skin irritations to the scalp. So, probably, it is recommending to be aware of itchy, painful and burning like sensations after applying this paste. Moreover, not like other natural remedies, it is good to minimize the time you are keeping it over the scalp.

Apply powder

Yes! Sometimes, this may sound like a piece of strange advice. But, actually, you may get rid of oily texture just by adding powder. Probably, experts are advised to apply baby powder instead of varying kinds of beauty products. This is due to the less harmful effects it can put on your hair due to sensitive and minimal chemical nature. Basically, the mode of action of this is the absorbing excessively available oils.

Black tea

The recent studies say having one or two cups of black tea can keep your hair fresh as possible. Since it is enriched with caffeine it also can minimize the sebum like oil production at the roots of the hair by promoting extra puffiness and beauty looking lovely headdress. So, this also may help you to remove coconut oil easily. Simply, you may also can apply wetted warmed tea powder all over the hair and keep it for a few minutes before rinsing away.

At last, what are the other available options for this matter?

Yes! There are several choices worldwide to overcome issues associated with excessively collected oil after having a hairstyle. Using a piece of cloth or paper towels to wipe away this oily texture, soap, avoiding oily sprays are a few such choices. So, enjoy all these methods on how to remove coconut oil from hair to get a well-looking hair bundle. Share your experience here through our comment lines to avail the benefits of the ideally worked regime for others as well. Further, if you need to know more details about the best beauty practices, you may contact us at any time to clarify the doubts.


How long does it take to get coconut oil out of your hair?

Less than ten minutes. Actually, if you use perfect solutions such as a good shampoo, wipe away from tissue papers, it will only take a few minutes. But, certain procedures like egg wash and lemon masks may take time to remove the oily texture.

How do I get the oil out of my hair?

There are plenty of ways to wash out oils from follicles. Frequent climbing, application of shampoo and conditioner and certain hair care masks will help you a lot.

Can coconut oil ruin your hair?

Sometimes. Coconut oil works in both beneficial and harmful ways to your hair. So, if you apply it on perfect timing you may observe faster hair growth, prevent falls and spit ends. But, the excess application may ruin the natural texture by reducing volume.

Can you leave coconut oil in your hair all night?

Yes! As with your personal preference you can. But, make sure to wash it off every morning for wavy looking beautiful styles.

Does coconut oil remove hair color?

Sometimes. It is not considered as a chemical colour remover, but in certain cases you may experience this problem.