Features The Blue Steel Modeling Move – Codycross Answers

Features The Blue Steel Modeling Move – Codycross Answers

In the CodyCross Celtic mythology pack, you can find this features The Blue Steel Modeling Move. This riddle is based on a movie. Those who didn’t watch the movie will find it hard to solve this. But don’t worry. Do not stop playing. We have the answer for you. 

Features The Blue Steel Modeling Move


That was a comedy film and It released in 2001. Directed by Ben Stiller starring Owen Wilson and Christine Taylor. Drake Sather is the writer. 

Derek Zoolander was a male model in New York City. After his three friends die in an accident, he announced his retirement. Then he came back to his family who was coal miners. Mining didn’t go well for him so he quit. Meanwhile, Jacobin Mugatu was finding a model who can be brainwashed to kill the prime minister of Malaysia. He persuaded Derek for this. 

Then there is a journalist called Matilda Jeffries who thinks she is responsible for Derek’s retirement suspicious of Jcobim’s deal. An anonymous caller explains that some times fashion industry used to kill persons and as soon as assassination did they kill the assassin.

The movie goes around with these two characters. They falling in love with each other and then Mugata strike again. This character Hansel is preventing the assassination and many stuff.

The name Zoolander is inspired by the names of two models Mark Vanderloo and Johnny Zander. The name of the movie is also Zoolander which makes sense.

The answer should be 9 letters word and started with Z. No other one than Zoolander matches here. So ZOOLANDER features the Blue steel modeling move.

I hope this will be helpful to you. Don’t stop solving puzzles. We only solve one riddle here. See more answers from our other articles. Have fun!

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