Manufacturer of Sandwich Toasters – Codycross Answers

Manufacturer of Sandwich Toasters - Codycross Answers

You can find this riddle in Ancient Egypt > Group 193 > Puzzle 5. Riddle says the manufacturer of sandwich toasters but many people unable to find the correct answer but it is not that hard. I will tell you how I found the answer.

Manufacturer of Sandwich Toasters


There are many toaster manufactures are there but we need to select one. Many of them are famous home, appliance makers. 

  • AEG 
  • CUISINART France 
  • Electrolux Home
  • Euromax 
  • Hamilton Bea 

Our world should be 8 characters long but the only brand in this famous toaster manufacturer’s list that has only 8 characters is BREVILLE. It also matches with known words so we can take that as the answer.

How this name came to be is interesting. Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville who are the founders of this company mixed their last name and made this awesome name. This is an Australian company founded in Sydney and it started in 1932 but now it is a worldwide company that has many home appliances.

This company has over 8 decades of history. All these years Breville developed by three generations of the O’Brien family. After 40 years from the beginning, they needed to research more to make good products. So they set up Brevelle Research and Development center in the 1960s, and his daughter Barbra done valuable work in marketing. She ran that department throughout the 1990s.

If I mention some Breville products, Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster is a good one. It has 4 extra-wide slots that can toast bread, bagel or, pastry very well. It is engineered by experienced engineers to the human-level performance.

So answer to the manufacturer of sandwich toasters riddle is that simple. You learn more than that. We gave you a short description of Breville company and their products. Are you want more answers to Codycross puzzles and explanations? so check our other articles.

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