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Wearers Of Red In Atwood's Tale

CodyCross is a very fun game. People enjoy that app so much. But while you are solving puzzles you may find difficult ones. You may don’t know it or can’t remember it. If ‘wearers of red in Atwood’s tale’ is one of them, don’t worry. We have the answer for you.

Wearers Of Red In Atwood’s Tale


Canadian author Margaret Atwood wrote this dystopian graphic novel. Summary of this story is about a group called ‘Sons of Jacob’s Killed United States president. Then they take the country in their hand and other things happen after. We have to read this novel in first-person narration by a woman named Offred.

These groups rank women lowest to highest at that time. There was a color code. Each rank has a specific color to dress. Commanders’ Wives in blue, the Aunts are (who train and indoctrinate the Handmaids) in brown, the Marthas (cooks and maids) are in green, Econowives are (the wives of lower-ranking men who handle everything in the domestic sphere) in blue, red and green stripes, young unmarried girls are in white, and widows are in black. The ones who wear red are handmaids. Also, the name of the novel is The Handmaid’s Tale.

The word handmaids come from a biblical story. That is the story of Rachel and Bilhah. Rachel was Jacob’s wife and Bilhah was her handmaid. Handmaid’s duty is reproducing for the commander. The narrator of this story is a handmaid. 

The answer to this ‘Wearers of red in Atwood’s tale’ crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and should begin with H according to the app. ‘Handmaids’ started with H and have 9 words in it. So the answer is simple

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