Goodlife fitness was first invented to motivate and educate the people who are living in Canada about the importance of being fit for their health and wealth practices. From the initial step of 1979, still, the Goodlife fitness passed its journey to help Canadians to be fit. 

The core values which has been the biggest strength of the successful journey of this fitness partner are the care, trust, integrity and attitudes toward teamwork. Since the whole team is working towards the ultimate goal of delivering a unique version of fitness outcomes, every client departs from Goodlife fitness with extreme happiness and satisfaction.

Milestones of Goodlife Fitness!

From the year 1979, up to now, the Goodlife fitness has so many things to memories. It is not only about the success stories of clients. But, the significant milestones of the fitness club are also that much important to memories. 

However, the history of Goodlife fitness runs even back to 1979. The actual invention of the idea of Goodlife fitness happened in 1974 following the road traffic accident faced by the founder of this company. David Patchell-Evans, the founder of Good Life fitness has then undergone a rehabilitation program and it has become the turning point for David to find Good Life fitness. 

Somehow, he could be able to open his first fitness Club in London in 1979. Next, in 1983 the club expanded its wings by opening its first women’s club. Then, over the decades the club could be able to introduce several extensions such as a kids club, cardio respiratory fitness centre Etc

Actually, the journey had not been easy. But, the team of Goodlife fitness has done their best to bring the club’s popularity and brand name to the best of Canada. Now, it has millions of members strength who have subscribed to the service monthly. 

The Current Strengths of Goodlife Fitness!

Goodlife fitness is currently powerful with 450+ brother companies which are delivering the same or associated service under the core values.

The overall member strength of Goodlife fitness is more than 1.5 million. Since the company is subordinate with nearly 11,500+ associates, this is a secure place to start your career in Goodlife fitness. Similarly, this is the best proof to thrust Goodlife fitness as your health partner by becoming a member of the club.

The club has also introduced four branded services to widen its name. The main branded service is the one we discussed so far, Goodlife fitness which has nearly nine million members who are from 200+ clubs. And, the second is EconoFitness with 265,000+ members and 70 clubs. The next two are the Fit 4 Less and Oxygen Yoga and Fitness with respectively 410,000+ and 250,000+ members.

How to become a member of Goodlife Fitness?

The Goodlife fitness membership is paid subscription to avail of the services. Yet, there are on and off discounts to enrol for the club. The GoodLife Fitness Prices for the memberships are varying from $26.99 to $31.99. The Essential membership which is known as the most affordable membership plan gives you access to a selected gym and enjoy the benefits. The Premium membership plan gives access to all 200+ club subscriptions and enrollment. However, the joining fee, $99.99 is the same for both. 

Sum Up Why you should select Goodlife Fitness to be healthy?

Goodlife fitness is providing ultimate personalised care for all of its members. So, the members of the club can 100% trust and enjoy their services to be healthy and fit. The wide-distributed chain of club associates and brands is the most powerful factor to say that you should select Goodlife fitness as your health and wealth partner!