Polish citizenship

Poland as a European country offers many opportunities to those who are its fully-fledged citizens. To hold dual citizenship and two passports seems to be even more beneficial. We decided to mention it for a purpose. What else should you know about holding citizenship in Poland? Find more below!

Ways of acquiring Polish citizenship

Polish citizenship is strictly regulated in the Act on Polish citizenship, which determines who can confirm his eligibility and what requirements an individual has to meet before he decides to submit an official motion. According to that, there are a few common ways of obtaining citizenship and that’s what we would like to focus on in today’s article. The current legal regulations say that Polish citizenship is passed via the right of blood from one generation to another. In such cases, a foreigner has to prove his origin and conduct research on citizenship. It is crucial to find out if at least one of his ancestors held citizenship and did not lose it on the way. Once the outcome is positive, there is nothing left to do but apply and wait for a final decision. The Voivode has the competence to confirm an individual’s citizenship.

Polish citizenship by descent is not the only way to obtain it. What do we mean by saying that? A foreigner who has strong connections with Poland, for example, he lives here, runs a business, speaks the language, or supports our culture, can also take part in the application process. In this case, he needs to lodge a motion including a set of required documentation. What’s important, the President of the Republic of Poland is not bound to any regulations or deadlines. He acts as a Head of State and that means he is the one to determine if the reasons stated in a foreigner’s motion are sufficient enough to grant him citizenship. Grant of Polish citizenship is also called ‘naturalization’ and can applies to foreigners who are not of Polish origin. Find more on – https://fivetoeurope.com/faqs/.

Benefits of Polish citizenship

Holding dual citizenship is fantastic when it comes to the benefits a foreigner gains. After the application process successfully comes to an end, an individual not only becomes a fully-fledged citizen of Poland but also a European Union citizen which gives him easy access to the EU. What does it mean? As a Polish citizen, you get many rights and duties associated with it. You can work, live or travel freely without any restrictions within Europe. If you would like to move out of Poland and start a new life somewhere else, do not hesitate. Being a citizen of Poland also allows you to study for free at many public universities and pass it on to the next generations. In this case, you can register your children as family members of a Polish citizen. They can also take part in the confirmation process and gain the same rights as you.

The list of benefits is way longer! The main point is you have to apply for a Polish passport which is an international travel document and may also serve as proof of your citizenship. How to apply for a Polish passport? You must complete the needed documents and lodge a motion at the nearest Polish Consulate General. It is crucial to pay a fee! The Polish Government usually takes from 3 to 6 months to issue a new document.

Renunciation of Polish citizenship – what should you know?

Foreigners seem to be worried about their future. That’s why we are often asked if Polish citizenship can be lost. So, we decided to mention it! According to Polish law, there is one way to lose it. Renunciation of Polish citizenship only applies to the individuals who hold dual citizenship and due to certain factors, they have to take part in the renunciation process. You probably wonder why anyone would like to lose his citizenship. Let us explain it! In some countries, to hold public positions or be involved in politics you cannot formally belong to the two states. Dual citizenship may be an obstacle in such cases.

We hope that as a future citizen of Poland you will find a perfect place to stay and finally enjoy the benefits coming along with Polish citizenship.