Green Tea Shot – The Best Explanation on an Awesome Drink

Green Tea Shot

Do you think of having a shot every day without putting you at risk? No doubt, all the men and women are eager to hear this secret. Actually, they know having something related to Alcohol as a healthy habit is not good. Then, how can you have a shot? We know, we used to ask let’s have a shot to describe the eager to have some whisky, brandy or something. Isn’t it? But, if we can consume something similar to these in an evening party, with the same effects, but without harm, it is amazing. Yes! The green tea shot will offer all these for you. As a healthier individual who is trying to maintain ideal body weight, you may familiar with green tea and related products. However, sometimes the shots made up using the herbal extracts may not a friendly thing.  So, let’s have a quick look at the most useful facts related to this?

The things behind a green tea shot – Recipes

Green Tea shot

Now, we are sure that after knowing all these you will definitely have a try to experience this. So, we thought of giving some info on how to make a green tea shot at home and what are the ingredients behind the commercially valuable drink.

Wonderfully, this is not a product made up using the regular form of green tea. It means once you go through the recipe you will not find the pack of this herbal tea at any step of its recipe. Actually, it is simple to prepare. You just have to have four things in your table. Those are the Jameson Whiskey, Peach Schnapps, Sour Mix, Lemon-Lime Soda. So, no doubts, it has the flavour of your favourite whisky.

But, we are not telling you, too strictly follow the Jameson products. You have your own freedom to use other products as well. The simple story behind this is the first invented shot of this is based on the products if this company. Later, the people used varying kind of recipes to prepare a shot if this delicious drink.

So, first of all, collect all the above things in half an ounce or fifteen millilitres. Then bring the shaker, mixer, glasses and strainer to a closer place. Now, mix all these items using the mixer.  Then, shake the mixture until you get a pure form texture. Next; pour it into your glasses. Well, you may add ice through your strainer and then pour the lime soda into these glasses.

Wow! Now, your drunk is ready to serve.

How many calories are there in one Green Tea Shot?

Green tea shot

The one serving of this drink contains around three hundred and fifty calories. Actually, it does not always mean as a low-calorie drink for people who are eager to control their diet. But, there is nothing wrong to use it once in two weeks or so.

Basically, this is rich in all the micronutrients such as fat, carb and proteins. But, it seems the carb percentage is very high when compared to others. So, if I say it is rich in sugar than all other it is correct. Anyway, it has a small number of dietary fibres as well.

Next; the number of proteins included in a one-shot is actually admirable. Further, this amount is higher than the amount of fat. Even though this is an admirable fact, we cannot say it does not contains cholesterol.

At the same time, it is higher in minerals. Especially, it is a pool of sodium.

Well, now it is clear that consuming a shot may give you considerable nutrient profile. But, it is good to have all those daily? You must think of this under the possible risks. Actually, even though it comes in a natural and herbal nature, it is also an Alcohol. Isn’t it? That is why we are telling it as a cocktail based whisky. So, you have to keep the fact in your mind that excessive consumption is not good for anything.

Is it good to have a shot in the evening?

Yes! Nothing wrong with the time. But we are only advising you to avoid excessive usage. Thus, do not hesitate to use it with your friends at an evening party. Actually, you should have your fun without disturbing to the healthy parameters.

The last lines

At last, the final conclusion is the greet tea shot is not the product of traditional green tea. But, it has a considerable nutrition profile. Thus, limited consumption of this drink will not create any harmful effect on your healthy body parameters. If you need more and more info regarding this, you may contact us at any time. At the same time, do not forget to follow our future posts. We will always provide the best thins for you!

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