If you’re considering installing an indoor drinking fountain for your business, take a brief pause and read this article for a short while. Placing the fountain in common areas in your establishment will benefit a lot of people. Whether your business is open to the public, or is exclusive to company members only, nothing beats the benefits of having accessible drinking water.

This resource ultimately adds value to your business. It’s suitable for any kind of establishment and perfectly fit for gyms, schools, offices, and many others. Make your indoor facility more functional and healthier by installing an indoor drinking fountain rather than water dispensers. Read the post here to know how hydration can also be vital to environment conservation. 

Check out more reasons below to know why it’s advantageous for your business:

Indoor Drinking Fountain

1. Easy To Maintain 

Indoor drinking fountains require maintenance and care. However, if you compare it to the frequent replacement of parts in a water cooler or dispensers, the former is a more viable and practical option. 

The entire mechanical system of a fountain is sturdier and longer-lasting. Therefore, the parts won’t need constant checking and replacement. This is because drinking fountains are connected to the primary water source. It produces fresh, clean water constantly without much intervention. Requiring less maintenance will save you costs and trouble. 

2. Provides Easy Access To Employees 

Water fountains in suitable locations is a good strategy for everybody to stay hydrated. When your staff is thirsty in between their work and tasks, they can easily access drinking water. This is especially true for offices located in an isolated area; it could seem difficult to buy bottled water. 

This option is very convenient to use as your employees will only need to press the valve and get ready with their glasses to have a drink. They can source out water anytime they wish. Fountain water spouts usually don’t get that many malfunctions. 

3. Cost-Saving 

You can research the features of drinking fountains for sale, and catch sight of how affordable they can be. Due to the fact that the pipes are already in place, bottles of water no longer need to be bought. You don’t have to spend a monthly budget on water refills. 

You save costs on replacing the water containers since you don’t need them. This also ensures the safety and health of your employees. Drinking fountains are durable, and certain models can dispense hot or cold water. You won’t have to pay a lot of electricity costs to keep them cold (and hot), and they easily open and close, which leads to zero water waste. 

4. Healthy And Safe 

There are simple ways to make your place of business more colorful and full of life; installing a drinking fountain attains to the same goal. While there are concerns over sanitary issues today, drinking fountains don’t pose a health threat as long as people will use their mugs or tumblers with the spigot and not directly drink from it.

Drinking fountains can be cleaned as often as needed, so proper hygiene and health can be maintained. Ensure that everyone uses their own clean mugs or reusable bottles. Keep an appropriate distance from the spigot when getting water. 

5. Completely Inclusive 

One of the best reasons to go for a drinking fountain is that it includes everyone’s needs. Your employees can use their cups, bottles, and water containers of almost all sizes and shapes. They can keep hydrated easily.  

As a community asset, it’s essential to make water fountains accessible to everyone. You can also place the fountains at a specific height that allows workers with disabilities to access it. Other features like buttons and spigots are flexibly changeable. There are various designs and models of drinking fountains to choose from, so select the most convenient one for your employees and guests. 

6. Versatile 

Drinking fountains can come with several features to suit your end users’ needs, whether installed inside or outside your premises. Since you want it to be accessible easily, installing it inside the office is a wise investment. You can add in features like refrigeration, carbon filters, bubbler, or other features that might be helpful for everyone. 

There are various types of drinking fountains, including those that are mounted to a wall or free-standing. With its versatile uses and features, this is one added convenience in your business premises that will draw in your employees, allowing them to stay healthy and hydrated throughout their day. 

7. Eco-Friendly 

Aside from the economic and practical benefits of drinking fountains, their benefits regarding the environment shouldn’t be overlooked. Without constantly buying plastic water bottles, your employees can help save the environment. 

There will be lesser plastic consumption and reduced pollution. CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions will decrease as there won’t be any need to produce bottled waters, and transport them to your facilities. Without all these elements, you can save the environment and save money at the same time.


There has long been a demand for drinking fountains in establishments and companies. As a business owner, you can benefit from this system in the long run while keeping all your employees safe and healthy. Allow everyone in your company access to high-quality drinkable water, and invest in a safe indoor drinking fountain now.