We answer here to this riddle. Priests swing them crossword. We can find many similar answers to this but we managed to find the exact answer. So you don’t have to worry about you didn’t know that. The answer is,

Priests Swing Them Crossword


This crossword is based on Christian believes but censers use by many other cultures. the practice of swinging a censer suspended from chains towards something or someone called Liturgical Censing. It can toward an icon or a person. That has a meaning. Burning incense represents something. That is the prayers of the church rising towards Heaven

A censer is a perfume burner. Its design is very well match to burn incense or perfume in some solid form. It is also known as an incense burner or pastille burner. People use them since ancient times. Some of them are simple fire pots but some have intricately carve body and made with gold or silver. Many censers have openwork on them and it allows air to flow in and out. 

Censer’s first uses in china go to BCE. Very first Chinese censer designs are often round and single-footed but stemmed basin ones. Historians believe they derived from earlier ritual bronzes. Now the Chinese term for censer is ‘xianglu’. 

Censers were used in both religious and secular contexts in Arab. They are calling them ‘miqtarah’. The oldest Arabic censers were dish-shaped ones. The design changed from century to century. 

Japan and Mesoamerica are also using Censers. This Incense burners take a special place in Christian churches. However, the word censer has only 6 words. That matches exactly with the crossword length. So it is the correct answer to priests swing them crossword.

We hope this will help you. So let’s play that awesome game. If you have any problems again we have another crossword to many clues. They may help you.