Galaxy Named After a Greek Princess – Codycross Answers

Galaxy Named After a Greek Princess

While you playing CodyCross you may find this galaxy named after a greek princess riddle. Greek stories are complicated sometimes. There are many of them. One person can’t remember all of these but it is not your fault you don’t know this. Let’s get a lifeline here.

Galaxy Named After a Greek Princess


Let us first learn about that Greek myth. Andromeda is the daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiope. They lived in Palestine also known as Ethiopia. Andromeda is a beautiful princess. Cassiope is the wife of Perseus was jealous of her. Her desire for revenge leads Poseidon (The god of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses according to Greek myth) to send a monster to destroy Cepheus’ kingdom. She was ready to sacrifice her life to prevent this but Pegasus who is fell in love with Andromeda slew the monster.

The Andromeda galaxy is nearly 2.5 million light-years away from our world. It is the neighbor of our milky way galaxy. It is a spiral galaxy just like our milky way. It is slightly bigger than the Milkyway. Scientists say andromeda and milky way galaxies will collide in 4 billion years. But recent findings say it is already begun only main event will happen in 4 billion years. The name of the galaxy connects directly with the Greek myth. 

Some many planets and galaxies are named according to Greek mythology. But the riddle says about a greek princess so Andromeda is the most suitable answer to Galaxy Named After a Greek Princess. It also matches the length and the words we know.

We here not only give you the correct answer but also leave the back story related to this. I hope this answer will help you and you got a bit of knowledge here. You can check our other CodyCross puzzle answers.

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